Galaxy Wearable companion app fails for owners of the Galaxy Watch 4

Owners of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 devices have reported issues with the Galaxy Wearable app over the previous few days, including crashes, refusals to launch, and general non-operation. Fortunately, it appears that there is a solution.

Owners of the Galaxy Watch 4 appear to be experiencing issues with the most recent update to the Galaxy Wearable app, Samsung’s companion software for devices like the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Buds, and other wearables. Version of the app seems to be the problem; it caused the Galaxy Watch 4 Manager Plugin to break and scores of users to post on a thread on the Galaxy Watch subreddit about the app not working.

The One UI Watch 4.5 beta distribution of the Galaxy Wearable app, which is a more recent version, appears to be immune to the issue.

Abner Li and I in our team haven’t experienced any problems with our Galaxy Watch 4 devices, but Dylan Roussel did, and he ultimately had to reset his watch completely to fix the issue. The employees at TizenHelp claim to be having the same problem.

Samsung has since released its own forums with what appears to be the fundamental problem.

On Android 12 devices, it appears that the Galaxy Wearable app needs to be granted the Nearby Devices permission; failing to do so may result in this problem. Notably, the Wearable app does not presently have access to that permission on my Pixel 6 Pro, but otherwise everything is fine.

There was a difficulty when the Nearby Devices permission was denied. Before using, please open the Galaxy Wearable app and provide permission to Nearby Devices.
Although Samsung claims a repair is on the way, there is currently no ETA.
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