Future Nokia Phones Won’t Carry the Zeiss Logo

Nokia and Zeiss have been working together since 2017 to enhance mobile phones’ cameras. One of the most significant alliances between a phone brand and a photography manufacturer ever existed, but it is no longer. Future Nokia phones won’t have the Zeiss trademark, according to a message to Nokia Mob.

Collaborations between phone and camera businesses are nothing new. Huawei and Leica had a multi-year cooperation that just just came to an end. Additionally, we are still discussing our collaboration with OnePlus and Hasselblad. These companies provide lenses, calibration, and tuning, all of which are beneficial to photography in various ways.

The Nokia Zeis partnership has ended. Future Nokia phones won’t have cameras with the Zeiss logo because nothing lasts forever. As a result, the company’s power over the phones will disappear. That’s bad news for Nokia users who liked their phones’ cameras.

Advertisement According to a statement given to Nokia Mob , ZEISS and HMD Global have mutually decided not to renew their non-exclusive cooperation in 2021, which included working together on image technologies for smartphones bearing the Nokia name with ZEISS as a consulting and development partner.

At this time, it is unknown whether Nokia will ever look to work with another camera company. To be certain, we must wait and watch what the corporation does next.

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