Full triggers and remappable buttons are included in the GameSir X2 Pro controller for Android.

The X2 Pro, the newest controller from GameSir, has been unveiled and is specifically targeted towards Android users who play Xbox and Stadia games.

Fans of cloud gaming have come to know GameSir for its reasonably priced controllers, especially the GameSir X2, which can be fitted to practically any Android phone and gives it the appearance of a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. The GameSir X3, a (expensive) replacement for that controller that featured extensive customization and a complete RGB cooling fan—features that cloud gamers don’t actually need—was released earlier this year.

With the release of the new GameSir X2 Pro, the GameSir X2 is getting a proper sequel today. The Xbox emblem on the front of this controller is the most obvious difference between it and others since the GameSir X2 Pro is an official Designed for Xbox accessory. The controller comes with a one-month trial of Game Pass Ultimate, just like practically every other mobile accessory with an Xbox motif.

Around the back, the Pro model features two further significant upgrades over the prior GameSir X2. The new controller incorporates typical hall effect triggers, which are ideal for racing games among other genres, in place of the clicky triggers that had previously been the norm for the GameSir range. Additionally, the M1 and M2 rear buttons can be remapped to any other buttons.

Some of the helpful customizing features released with the more expensive X3 controller are now available on the GameSir X2 Pro. You could, for instance, take off all four of the face buttons (ABXY) and arrange them differently. Even though it’s just a cosmetic adjustment, it can be helpful while playing a game that demands a Nintendo-style layout. Depending on your preference, you can also switch the control sticks between convex and concave surfaces.

The new controller uses USB-C rather than Bluetooth to connect to your Android phone in order to minimize input latency, which is important for cloud gaming. With a USB-C power port on the controller itself, the GameSir X2 Pro continues to enable charging your phone while you play, much like its predecessor.

The GameSir X2 Pro will be offered in two colors, Midnight and Moonlight, and will go on sale in full on September 1. The controller is now available for $79.99 from either Amazon or GameSir .

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