Full list of emojis in Emoji Kitchen for Gboard

In its Emoji Kitchen, Google earlier this year added a cool and entertaining feature to Gboard. With this capability, Android users may mix and match various emoji on their keyboard before sharing their creations through one of their preferred apps. The complete list of everything the Emoji Kitchen supports is provided here, along with instructions on how to use it on Android, clarifications on how it functions on iOS, and the most recent upgrades to the functionality.

Emoji Kitchen for Gboard: What is it and how does it work? Emoji Kitchen list, everything that works What are the latest additions? As new emoji are introduced, this article is continually updated. Check Click here to see what’s new.

WHAT IS AND HOW DOES EMOJI KITCHEN FOR GBOARD WORK? Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen is a sticker feature that automatically combines two different emoji. Each combination is unique, and the Emoji Kitchen now supports over 15,000 possible sticker combinations.

You’ll need to start with one emoji in order to make an Emoji Kitchen sticker on Gboard. We’ll begin this example with the letter Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes (). Gboard will automatically provide recommended combinations when you tap the first emoji as you normally would, but you can choose the emoji of your choosing to define the sticker you desire. The combination of Face with Tears of Joy () and the heart-eyes results in further recommendations that stick to the same general idea. The sticker will be automatically added to the app you are using when you tap it, and the emoji will be removed from the text box.

emoji kitchen gboard
gboard emoji kitchen

Notably, the functionality is not compatible with all Android apps, although it is compatible with the majority of chat applications, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Messages, and others.

Using the Magic Wand () emoji in the Emoji Kitchen creates the blob stickers that Google used to use on Android, which is a fun trick.

Everything that works in the emoji kitchen Who is employed by the Emoji Kitchen? As previously indicated, the Emoji Kitchen can presently produce over 15,000 different stickers, although Google doesn’t release a list of all of them. Thankfully, the Gboard app offers access to that list, and we’ve collected a comprehensive list of the Emoji Kitchen’s supported emojis.

FACES The different array of faces is the emoji that you’ll probably use the most in the Emoji Kitchen on Gboard. Fortunately, practically all faces are supported. Here is a list of all the faces that the Emoji Kitchen supports.

Grinning Smiley Face Laughing Face with Tears of Joy Laughing Face with Happy Eyes smiling while perspiring smiling Glaring Face A Happy Face with a Halo Horned Face with a Smile Horned Face of Anger Winking Face Smiley Face with Cheerful Eyes Delecting Food Deflated Face Face with Sunglasses and Heart-Shaped Eyes Laughing Face Naked Face Indifferent Face Face, Unamused Sweat-covered face with a downcast expression Blush Confused Face with a Frown Uncertain Face Face Kissing Face Kissing the Wind Smiling Eyes and a Kissing Face Closing Eyes and Kissing Face Happy Face with Three Hearts Facial Yawning Smiling Face with Tongue and Tears Winking Tongue and Face Angry Face and Tongue Face of Disappointment concerned face Face of Anger Red Furious Face Face with Continually Tearing Face Victor Face Face, both sad and relieved Angry Expression and Wide Mouth worried face Uneasy Face Tired Face drowsy face Weary Face Grizzly Face Face Crying Out Loud Mouth Ajar Face Sweaty Cold Face Screaming with Panic Flushed Surprised Face A Face in Sleep Drowsy Face Spiral-Eyed Face that is Unsteady Mouthless Face In the Clouds Mask on Face Having Fun Face Dark Face Warm Face icy visage Covered Face Embarrassed Face Monocle on the Face A little frown on the face Face with a Slight Smile Inverted Face With Rolling Eyes with Zippered Mouth in Face With a Money Mouth Featuring a Thermometer Expert Face Considering Face headband and bandaged face Hugging Face Robot Clown Cowboy Symptomatic Face swaying on the ground smiling face Laughing Face False Face Coughing Face A Face with an Elevated Brow Face with Hand over Mouth, Starstruck Face, Zany Face, Shushing Face, Vomiting Face, Exploding Head, and Animals Animals make up one of the other main categories of emoji that you’ll be employing in Emoji Kitchen. This is my favorite section because there are some incredibly lovely things in it. At all costs, the turtle alone must be protected since it is valuable.

Mouse Snail Goat Monkey Pig Rabbit Cat Bee Octopus Fish Bird Turtle Koala Tiger Lion Dog Service Dog Poodle Canine Guide Dog Ladybug Crab Butterfly Cricket Lobster Flamingo Beetle Scorpion Cockroach Unicorn Owl, Bat, Deer, and Hedgehog Llama Spider Sloth Bear with a mouse face Bunny Face Faces of a cat, a monkey, a pig, and a penguin Raccoon Bear Faced Dove, Panda Faced Pig Nose Smiling Cat Smiling Cat with Heart Eyes Smiling Cat with Tears of Joy Cat with a Smirk Cat Purring Cat Kissing Cat Pouting Cat Angry-Looking Cat Cat Crying Out in Fear Monkey, See-No-Evil Speaking-No-Evil-Monkey Hearing-No-Evil-Monkey HEARTS Hearts are another frequently used category on the Emoji Kitchen list, and there is a vast selection to choose from. Almost all heart emojis are compatible with the Kitchen, and some of them may be combined to make creative designs.

Exclamation Heart Heart Heart with Bandage and Heart on Fire Throbbing Heart Two Hearts Broken Heart Growing Heart with an Arrow and a Sparkling Heart Black Heart Purple Heart Blue Heart Green Heart Yellow Heart Black Heart Orange with a Brown Heart Ribbon Heart in a Heart Changing Hearts Decorative Heart SYMBOLS Okay, cool, SOS. Optimistic Aries Cancer Gemini Taurus Leo Virgo Libra Scorpius Sagittarius Capricornus Aries and Pisces Club with Copyright Registration Hazard Question Trademark Exclamation box along with Check Recycle Forever the checkbox button Checkmark Multiply Red asterisk (?) An asterisk The exclamation mark Plus Red Exclamation Point Subtract Divide coiled loop Two-Curve Loop Mahjong Wavy Dash Blue Dragon Blood Types: A Button, Blood Type B, Blood Type O, Blood Type AB, Blood Type CL, and Blood Type AB Unlock Button Fresh Button ATM UPI Button Exchange Currency Signature Yen, Dollar, Euro, and Heavy Dollar Sign Banknote Scale of Balance Extreme Voltage FOOD Coffee Dog, Hot Spicy pepper Lemon Orange Bread Strawberry Pineapple Banana Avocado The Baguette Cupcake with cheese Celebration Cake Burrito Popcorn Apple Taco Corn with Chestnut Mushroom Grapes and strawberries Melon The Pear Burger Animal on Bone Cracked rice Rice Curry Rice Ball Cooked Rice a steaming mug Spaghetti fried potatoes Sweet Potato Roast Shrimp Sushi Doughnuts, fish cakes, cookies, and chocolate cake Pot of Food in a Bento Box teacup lacking a handle Croissant Salad of cucumber, potatoes, and carrots Shallow Pan of Stuffed Flatbread with Food nut-and-kiwi pancakes Fortune a cookie bowl and a spoon Coconut Broccoli Sandwich of steak and pretzels Food in Cans Mango Baking Salt Falafel with onions and garlic, mate berries in boba tea Olive and Bell Pepper Flatbread Avocado Fondue MISC Bright Cloudy Snowman Without Snow, a Snowman Crossbones Glistens Frosty Star Cityscape Darkness with Stars Sunset City at Sunset Rainbow a globe with Europe and Africa Globe displaying Americas a globe including Asia and Australia Sphere with meridian lines Moon’s first quarter face Moon Face at Last Quarter Sun with Glowing Star in Face Tornado, shooting star, fog, and comet Soccer in race cars The Ball Paint Slots Money Bag with Credit Cards Cash with Flights Umbrella Rain Umbrella, Closed Umbrella Telephone Shamrock Game Pawn Sports chains Playing golf Ferry Ice skates, a sailboat, an envelope, and a pencil Cyclone for fountain pens Mountains at sunrise Sunrise Waxing Crescent Moon: New Moon Full Moon Waning Gibbous Moon First Quarter Moon Waxing Gibbous Moon Waning Crescent Moon, Last Quarter Moon a moon cloud and snow The Ribbon Studio Microphone movie frames Entrance Tickets Microphone film camera Ticket Clapper Board for the Circus Tent Performing Arts Gaming controller The dartboard eight-sided dice Flower Bowl Playing Cards Saxophone Piano Electric Guitar Trumpet Running Shirt Tennis Skis Violin Basketball Soccer a rugby game Playing cricket Hockey Field Volleyball Hockey on ice Cloudy with a small amount of sunshine and rain. Ground Tent with Umbrella Ocean Volcano Full Moon with Face and New Moon A mix of sunshine and clouds. Partly Sunshine and Rain Shower Cloud Thunderstorm Wind blown-out face Tree cactus that is evergreen Tulip Cherries in bloom Rose Blossom Knife and Fork Knife, Fork, and Plate Jack-o-Lantern Christmas Tree Party Popper Balloon Reminder of the Confetti Ball Ribbon Carousel Fishing pole for horses Headphones Sound Note Music Notation Musical Notation packaged gift Wood Axe Clover Hibiscus Plant in a Pot True Heart, Brain, and Lungs Tooth Bone Blood Television Joker Houses with Table Tennis/Ping Pong and Trees in the Desert Dog paw prints, a bow and arrow, a rosette, and an eye in speech. Bubble Gloves for the tongue Lipstick Diamond ring with a dot A bomb goes off. Speech Balloon Seat Computer Disk Optical Disk Bubble Thought Folder for DVD Closed Book Open Book Green Book Blue Book Red Book Books Open Folder Ledger Notebook Notebook with Decorative Cover Incoming Envelope with an Arrow Memo Telephone Receiver Loudspeaker Megaphone Outbox Tray Inbox Tray E-Mail smartphone with an arrow mobile phone and a postbox Camcorder with off-camera flash and camera Speaker for a movie projector Medium Volume Speaker Low Volume Speaker Very Loud Battery for a long drum and banjo Left magnifying glass, right magnifying glass, and seedling Continous Tree Sunflower Herb Leaves Palm Tree Leaves Shaved Ice Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Scoop Drink with Tropical Fried Egg Ferris wheel made with baby bottles Assault Course Beach camping with an umbrella Eye Crown Ghost Alien Microbe Head Lips Envelope with a Diamond Heart Arrangement of Flowers Zzz sweat stains Poop Dizzy 100 Newspaper in a Hurry Sunglasses with a crystal ball hole Bandage Wicca’s Wand Sports Medal Trophy Feather Military Medal First Place Medal Second Place Medal Third Place Medal UFO Rocket Airplane Anchor Kitchen Knife Pen Blue Pen Red Pen Green Pen Card Index Dividers Card File Box File Cabinet Old Key Right Anger Locked with Pen Locked with Key Locked with Key Key Locked Unlocked Bubble Diagram Bus Oncoming Bux Trolley Bus Oncoming Fire Truck Oncoming Taxi Oncoming Taxi Car Oncoming Car Ship Speedboat Police Car Oncoming Light Litter in Bin Bathroom with Shower Sign Bed Stop Sign Boat Small Airplane Motor Takeoff and landing of an airplane Passenger Ship Skateboard, Sled Mask for a roller skater diving Dum Boxing Glove, Spoon Goal Net Curling in a martial arts uniform Lacrosse Softball Football Socks Firecracker Spool of Thread with Puzzle Pieces Yarn Soap in a Ball Ballet Sponge Shoes Boomerang with a yo-yo kite Defense Helmet coin-shaped needle and thread Classical Structure Stadium on a Desert Island Shell bulb of light a water drop Tactile Disk Hammer and Wrench Planet Steam Locomotive Wastebasket Lotion Nazar Amulet CAN I PLAY THE EMOJI KITCHEN ON IOS? Actually, no. The Emoji Kitchen is a unique feature of Gboard for Android devices that does not function on iOS. Google has never stated clearly why the Emoji Kitchen does not function on iOS, although it may be due to a restriction placed on third-party keyboards on the system. This restriction is not present on Android.

Fortunately, an iPad and iPhone version of the feature is available. The Emoji Kitchen has an online counterpart at emoji.kitchen that can be accessed using the iOS browser, according to the feature’s developers Jennifer Daniel and Bhavik Singh. The Emoji Kitchen for iOS is more up to date than the one on Android, but users can still create emoji stickers and download them as images.

WHAT RECENT ADDITIONS ARE THERE? The Emoji Kitchen has grown significantly over the past year, and Google continues to add new combinations in tiny batches along with new Gboard upgrades. With the most recent stable Gboard upgrades as of July 2022, Google has included five additional new emoji for all of its cooks to utilize.

The most recent additions comprise:
Soccer ball, Watermelon, Cherry, and Rock in

Additionally, the Emoji Kitchen crew has grown, which has led to the redesign of several previous combinations and the addition of new ones. Jennifer Daniel, a lead designer, tweeted:

updated on 7/18/2022
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Emoji Kitchen for Gboard: What is it and how does it work? 2


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