Frequent Faces On Pixel Will Return To Google Camera Soon.

The Google Pixel phones’ Frequent Faces camera feature will soon be back. A few months prior, the corporation had briefly shut it because of an unidentified bug. Google has acknowledged that the bug has been resolved, albeit we still lack an ETA. On Pixels that are compatible, a future update to the Google Camera app should reactivate Frequent Faces.

Frequent Faces, which debuted on the Pixel 4 in 2019, enables you to take better pictures of the subjects you snap or film most frequently. It identifies faces in pictures and videos you’ve saved on your device and makes suggestions for editing pictures of people you frequently take. You can manually enable it from the main Camera settings as an optional feature. Frequent Faces only functions on the device; no facial information is shared to Google. Any saved data will be erased if the feature is disabled.

Frequent Faces also aids Google’s Real Tone feature on the Pixel 6 series in displaying flesh tones more realistically. But in recent months, the business discreetly removed Frequent Faces for Pixels. Since at least May of this year, reports of the feature being missing from the devices have appeared.

Advertisement In May, Google product expert said responded to a user’s inquiry about why they couldn’t see Frequent Faces in the camera app on their Pixel 6 Pro by saying that a fix was on the way. The release date has not yet been set. As new information becomes available, I’ll update you.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any progress on it in a few months. While Google continued to promote the function on its websites, it was still absent. Both the Google Camera page and the product landing page for the Pixel 6a mention it as a feature. All of this indicated that Frequent Faces wouldn’t be gone indefinitely, but it was impossible to predict when it might return. Finally, we are aware that the wait won’t last very long.

Google Camera should become more popular again soon. Google said said that it had temporarily disabled Frequent Faces to address a bug that was causing problems in the Camera app in a statement to Android Authority. The company said that the flaw has been rectified but did not elaborate on the problems. In a later version of Google Camera, the feature will be enabled again. I’m hoping the next update won’t take too long to come. We’ll keep an eye on it and let you know as soon as we learn more.


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