For these Galaxy smartphones, the Samsung July 2022 update is now rolling out.

Samsung has developed a reputation in recent years for promptly releasing security updates for its extensive variety of Android devices, which includes anything from high-end foldables to affordable phones. Here are all of the Samsung devices that have received the July 2022 security patch.

The majority of security updates include a few dozen security improvements, some unique to Samsung phones and some for Android generally. Similar to previous updates, the July release includes patches for the July 1, 2022 and June 5, 2022 Android Security Bulletins, including 20 High severity changes and 3 Critical fixes.

Along with 41 bugs specific to Galaxy devices, including 7 of High severity and 20 of Moderate severity, the July update from Samsung also includes solutions for basic Android security flaws. It was able to go through AppLock’s password security thanks to One such security flaw .

Galaxy S series Galaxy Z foldables Galaxy Note series Galaxy Tab series tablets Galaxy A series andamp; budget phones TECHNOLOGY USING SAMSUNG A SECURITY UPDATE FOR JULY 2022 While Samsung usually releases its most recent security patch before the start of a new month, this one wasn’t available until July 1. As a result, things might appear a little slower this month, but we’ll steadily update the list over the next few weeks.

The update’s initial release location and whether it is also accessible in the United States will be noted in this list. The most recent additions will, as usual, be in bold.

Samsung S Series

samsung galaxy s22 plus

It should come as no surprise that Samsung frequently gives the flagship series priority when releasing a new security update given the popularity and level of customer investment in the Galaxy S series. Even though there is additional work required due to the Exynos and Snapdragon variations, Galaxy S phones that are years old will generally receive the most recent security updates each month.

The most recent Galaxy S phones, the Galaxy S22 series, on July 4 , were the first to receive this month’s upgrade, as one might anticipate. The Galaxy S21 series received an update on that day, which was July 1, 2022 0.

Samsung updated the Galaxy S20 FE, including the 5G edition, on July 1, 2022 1, conveniently following the release order. The original Galaxy S20 (and its S20 and Ultra variants) received the most recent patch on July 1, 2022 2 as this trend continued.

The Galaxy S10 Lite, which debuted at the same time as the S20 series, received the July 1, 2022 3 patch. This update wasn’t released for the Galaxy S10 series’ other models until July 1, 2022 4, including the S10e.

Instead of gradually pushing it out over a few weeks, Samsung July 1, 2022 5 this month’s update for the Galaxy S21 FE in almost every region simultaneously.

Galaxy S22, S22, and S22 Ultra, model number S90xBXXU2AVF5 (Released first in Europe andamp; Asia) Available for models that are both locked and unlocked XBXXS5CVFB Galaxy S21, S21, and S21 Ultra (Released first in Germany) S21 FE Galaxy G990U1UES3CVF3 (Released globally) S20 FE Galaxy S780GXXS3CVF3 (Released first in Malaysia) G781BXXS4FVF3 for the Galaxy S20 FE (Released first in Europe) S10 Lite Galaxy S10 G770FXXS6GVG1 (Released first in Spain) Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 G97xFXXSFHVG3 (Released first in Europe) FOLDABLE GALAXY Z In the Android phone market, the term “flagship” has evolved to denote a handset with top-tier specs and a high-end design. However, one could argue that Samsung’s genuine flagships in recent years have been the foldable Galaxy Z series. Samsung has been in the forefront of foldable Android phones with its Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip models. To that purpose, Samsung regularly upgrades the Galaxy Z series at the same rate as the Galaxy S line of smartphones.

The first foldable to receive this month’s update, starting on July 1, 2022 6, was the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Shortly later, on July 1, 2022 7, its larger brother, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, received an update. A generation earlier, on July 1, 2022 8, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G received the same upgrade. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G received the July 1, 2022 9 patch, roughly in order.

The first Galaxy Fold, which received the security update on June 5, 2022 0, was the last of Samsung’s foldable devices to do so.

F926U1UES1DVEG Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Released first in the US) Available on both locked and unlocked models in the US F711U1TBS2DVEG Galaxy Z Flip 3 (Released first in the US) Available on unlocked models in the US F916USQS2HVF3 Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G F707BXXU6GVF7 Galaxy Z Flip 5G (First made available in Australia) The Samsung Fold F900FXXS6HVG3 (Released first in India) Image: Galaxy Note Series

Thanks to the Galaxy Note series, Samsung was for a long time a leading manufacturer of Android smartphones with styluses. Those who haven’t switched phones should still be seeing fairly regular upgrades even though the Galaxy Note series may have come to an end after the Note 20, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra managing to be substantially more successful.

The June 5, 2022 1 device in the series to receive the July security update was the Galaxy Note 20 5G. The updated Galaxy Note 20 regular and Note 20 Ultra were released in the US June 5, 2022 2. The patch was downloaded in South America on June 5, 2022 3 for the Note 10 series, which is currently receiving updates. Its mid-range equivalent, the Note 10 Lite, on June 5, 2022 4, swiftly followed.

Note 20 Ultra / Galaxy Note 20 N98xU1UES2FVED (Released first in the US) US: accessible on carriers-locked mobile phones N981BXXS4FVG1 Galaxy Note 20 5G (Released first in Portugal) Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10/10/5G N97xFXXS8HVG1 (Released first in Argentina) Available on both locked and unlocked smartphones in the US N770FXXS8GVF4 Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Released first in France) A SERIES OF GALAXY TAB TABLETS Beyond its work on smartphones, Samsung has developed into one of the more prolific producers of Android tablets over the years. Nevertheless, tablets do not now receive as many regular monthly upgrades as do smartphones. Even the Galaxy Tab S8 series of Samsung’s most latest tablets will only receive quarterly upgrades.

The 2019 Galaxy Tab Active Pro, which was made to last, is the only Galaxy Tab gadget to receive an update so far this month. The tablet received its most recent security update on June 5, 2022 5 while it is still running Android 11.

XXS3CVF3 Galaxy Tab Active Pro (Released first in Mexico) PHONES IN THE GALAXY A SERIES ANDAMP; BUDGET

Samsung manufactures numerous high-end flagship and foldable phones in addition to a plethora of other less expensive models. These include the Galaxy F series, which is targeted at Flipkart, the Galaxy M series, which is more affordable, and the Galaxy A series.

With Samsung releasing the July 2022 security patch on the Galaxy A32 on June 5, 2022 6, the month got off to an unexpected start. Following this a few days later, the Galaxy A23 received an update on June 5, 2022 7.

Next, the Galaxy A53 received the most recent update and security updates, along with the reasonably priced June 5, 2022 9. The Galaxy A42 5G was the first A-series phone in the US to receive the upgrade on One such security flaw 0.

The Galaxy A52 5G was the next device in line, with consumers in Europe receiving the security update on One such security flaw 1 and the Galaxy A52s 5G receiving a similar upgrade on One such security flaw 2. That One such security flaw 3, the Galaxy A33 5G, started to gain popularity in a few Asian nations. The Galaxy A13 from this year was bumped up to the next A-series upgrade on One such security flaw 4 for those in the US.

Things went on with One such security flaw 5, and the Galaxy A72 received the security patch and camera upgrades. Samsung started simultaneously releasing updates for the Galaxy A01 Core and Galaxy A10 a few days later, on One such security flaw 6. The Galaxy M52 5G and M53 5G, on One such security flaw 7, followed these in terms of proximity.

A72 Galaxy A725FXXU4BVG1 (Released first in India) Galaxy A53 AKSU2AVFA 536 (Released first in Korea) Available on unlocked smartphones in the US A526BXXU1CVG2 for the Galaxy A52 5G (Released first in Europe) A528BXXS1CVG2 Galaxy A52s 5G (Released first in Europe) A426U1UES4BVF1 Galaxy A42 5G (Released first in the US) US: accessible on carriers-locked mobile phones AVG2 Galaxy A33 5G A336EDXU (Released first in India) A32 Galaxy A325NKSU1BVF2 (Released first in Korea) A23 Galaxy A235FXXU1AVF3 (Released first in Germany) Samsung Galaxy A13 A135U1UES2AVG (Released first in the US) Samsung Galaxy A10 A105FDDS8CVG1 (Released first in India) A013MUBS3AVG1 Galaxy A01 Core (Released first in Mexico) F62 Galaxy E625FDDU2BVG1 (Released first in India) AVG1 Galaxy M53 5G M536BXXU (Released first in Europe) The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G M526BXXS1BVG4 (Released first in Brazil) HOW TO VERIFY YOUR GALAXY DEVICE HAS THE LATEST OTA If the patch is supposed to have been delivered to your device already but it hasn’t, you can try updating manually. To download and install, just open the Settings app, touch Software update, and then select Download.

The most recent change to this article, which was first published on July 5, was made on August 1.

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One such security flaw 9


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