For the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung improved the terrible S Pen case from the Fold 3. {Gallery}

The Galaxy Note is no longer alive, but Samsung’s other flagships carry on its legacy. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 demonstrated how the S Pen might function with a foldable canvas, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra is essentially a Note reincarnate. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is now employing the same techniques, but it has finally found a solution for the S Pen storage issue.

With an unique Fold Edition stylus that has a spring-loaded tip to prevent display damage, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 introduced the S Pen to foldables for the first time last year. It worked out nicely, although it was difficult to store the stylus while not in use.

The S Pen Fold Edition arrived in a stylish case that makes it convenient to carry around but a little difficult to grab in an emergency. Samsung provided an official case with S Pen storage, but, frankly, it was awful. Third-party companies also gave it a shot, coming up with a few concepts that were slightly superior to Samsung’s, but still fell short.

Overall, the S Pen’s initial utility was diminished by the difficulty of keeping it on the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

That was a problem that was initially rumored to be remedied by the Galaxy Z Fold 4 adopting a S Pen silo similar to the Galaxy Notes of yesteryear, but that didn’t work out. Last year’s official S Pen case was terrible, to put it mildly. Samsung, however, has found a workaround.

The new S Pen case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a significant improvement over what was previously offered. Instead of awkwardly fastening the S Pen to the hinge, the new case includes a strong groove to store it on the back of the tablet. You can still utilize wireless charging without removing the complete case because that slot is also removable. Additionally, Samsung informed us that a kickstand could be fitted to the case in place of the S Pen holster, doubling its functionality.

galaxy z fold 4 s pen case
galaxy z fold 4 s pen case

Even though we’ve only had a short amount of time with this new case, it already seems like a significant advancement.

Additionally, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 offers an improved camera and display for the same $1,799 price as its predecessor. The Fold and all of Samsung’s other new products are covered in more detail below. The Fold 4 is currently available for pre-order.

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