For Prime Day, These Stunning LG 4K Smart TVs Are Discounted

These Amazon Prime Day offers are fantastic if you want to enhance your movie-watching game. LG OLED B1 series smart TVs are currently available at a significant discount.

LG is an expert at producing stunning TVs. These OLDED B1 TVs are among the best you’ll find on Prime Day, and the discounts significantly lower the price.

You pretty much have all you need in the LG OLED B1 series to enjoy watching TV. This display is an OLED, to start. You will therefore have vivid colors with excellent contrast. Additionally, as this is a 4K TV, you will be able to see every detail of your video. A major benefit of the display is that it operates at a smooth 120Hz.

Advertisement The display is also a Cinema HDR display in addition to having more pixels and colors. This will result in a significantly higher dynamic range for improved contrast, stunning colors, and greater detail.

This TV isn’t referred to as smart for nothing. Alexa from Amazon is already embedded into the TV. The assistant allows for quick movie and television show searches. You have Google Assistant installed on the device in addition to Alexa. There are two incredibly capable and useful voice assistants that you may use to help you navigate.

This TV comes in two cheaper sizes, but both of them offer the same features. The smallest of the two is the 65-inch model. You can purchase this one for $1,496.99 (down from $2,299).

Advertisement The 77-inch model is the bigger one. You can purchase this one for just $2,196.99 (down from $3,499).

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LG OLED B1 Series TVs – Amazon


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