For Prime Day, save up to $260 on some BenQ gaming monitors.

For Prime Day, BenQ is offering some fantastic discounts on gaming monitors, allowing you to save up to $260 on some models. Now, BenQ is selling more products than only gaming monitors. There are also some entertainment-oriented monitors for sale there. For instance, the EW2880U offers a respectable amount of savings.

BenQ is reducing the cost of this display for Prime Day to $399. This 27-inch 4K monitor has built-in stereo speakers, HDRi compatibility, USB-C one cable connectivity, and even a remote control for simple setting adjustments.

The EW3880R is also being sold by BenQ. BenQ is reducing the price of this monitor from its usual $1,049 list price to just $799 for Prime Day, saving you $250. This ultrawide display measures 37.5 inches and has WQHD resolution. Therefore, this is an excellent choice if you prefer a larger monitor area.

Advertisement BenQ is lowering the cost of four distinct gaming monitors for gamers. The EX2710S is the first gaming monitor we’ll look at, and it has a 27-inch panel with 1080p resolution and a fairly quick 165Hz refresh rate. Games will therefore play smoothly and look great. Instead of paying $279.99, you can purchase it during Prime Day for $219.99.

Additionally, the EX2710R is available for $289. There is a substantial reduction here compared to the typical price of $549.99. Although it is still a 27-inch panel, it is curved as opposed to the EZ2710S and has a resolution range of 1080p Full HD to QHD. Additionally, it has a 1ms reaction time and the same 165Hz refresh rate.

The EX3210R and EX3410R are the final two models, with prices starting at $399 and $499, respectively. In comparison to the EX3410R’s 144Hz refresh rate, the EX3210R has a quicker refresh rate of 165Hz. The EX3410R is ultrawide, nevertheless. These discounts are all valid through July 13.

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