For Prime Day, save 20% on the ecobee SmartThermostat and SmartSensor.

Ecobee is participating in Prime Day as well, slashing the price of the SmartThermostat and SmartSensor by at least 20%. Which actually brings the price to its lowest point ever, which represents a significant discount.

The ecobee SmartThermostat is now available for $184.99, a discount from its usual $219.99 cost. That represents a savings of almost 20%. For the first time, the cost has fallen below $200. So go ahead and take it now.

What the name implies, the SmartThermostat, is just that. It’s an ecobee smart thermostat. You can set it to specific daytime temperatures to cut down on your heating and cooling costs. According to ecobee, you will save roughly 26% on your gas and electric bills in the first year. Therefore, it will only take a year for this to pay for itself.

Advertisement The ecobee SmartSensor for Doors and Windows follows. This was once $79.99, but is now $59.99. That actually represents a savings of close to 33% off the standard price.

Your doors and windows are equipped with SmartSensors that alert you when a door or window is left open. Now, this accomplishes two goals at once. Your door or window is open for security, as you are aware. However, it will also enable you to keep everything closed and consume less heating or cooling. saving you money in the process.

Therefore, getting both of these together is definitely worthwhile. Since your heating and cooling expenses will be significantly lower this year. and also in the future.

Advertisement The ecobee SmartThermostat and SmartSensors are currently available from Amazon by clicking here . These discounts are only available for Prime Day, which ends tomorrow, July 13. You had better act quickly before the price increased again.

ecobee smartthermostat – Amazon
ecobee smartsensor – Amazon


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