For New Samsung Foldables and Smartwatches, Expect To Pay More

Be prepared to pay more if you want one of the future Samsung foldables or smartwatches. The new smartphones will cost more than their respective predecessors, according to numerous sources we’ve previously read. The European costs of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have just been published by well-known industry insider Steve H. McFly, alias OnLeaks, and they confirm our worst fears that they will be more expensive than last year’s models.

According to McFly, Samsung will charge $1,799 for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with 256GB of storage. That hasn’t changed from last year, when the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s entry-level model arrived with the same pricing. But if you choose the 512GB storage option, the price would increase by 20, from $1,899 to $1,919.

Even while it may not seem like a significant rise, it nonetheless exists. Everyone had hoped that Samsung will lower the price of its foldables this year. Unfortunately, it was unable to avoid raising prices due to increased component costs. Despite the little price increase, reports claim that the business had to lower its profit margin on the Fold series.

Advertisement Prices for the new clamshell foldable experience a greater rise. The price of the 128GB Galaxy Z Flip 4 has increased by $60 from 1104 to 1109. The price of the 256GB storage option has increased by $70, going from $1,099 to 1,169. Due to the lower price of the Flip series compared to the Fold, Samsung is increasing prices more significantly to keep a healthy profit.

THE price of the new Samsung smartwatches will also increase. It appears that even the Galaxy Watch 5 series will be more expensive than the Galaxy Watch 4. According to reports, the 40mm variant without 4G would start at 299 for the upcoming Samsung smartwatches. The starting pricing for the Galaxy Watch 4 was 269 dollars. You must spend 349 on the new watch if you want cellular connectivity. The prices for the two connectivity options for the 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 are 329 and 379, respectively.

Additionally, Samsung is selling the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro this year. It will cost 469 for the model without 4G, while 499 will be the price for the model with 4G connectivity, according to the business. For a Samsung smartwatch, that is a hefty price.

Advertisement The US costs for Samsung’s new foldables and smartwatches are yet unknown to us. But it should be safe to predict that prices for these devices will also slightly increase overall. Next week, on August 10, the Korean company will introduce the new Galaxy goods. However, there might be additional leaks before then. So pay attention.


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