For many years, OnePlus resisted including wireless charging in its smartphones. The main reason for this was that wireless charging seemed to be moving too slowly. not worth the storage on their phones anyway. Most of us there felt that wireless charging was actually only useful for nighttime use at 5W. All you could do was pray that the phone wouldn’t fall off the charging pad.

However, in recent years, wireless charging rates have risen and are on track to catch up to wired charging rates. Because of this, wireless charging became much more practical, even though it wasn’t as effective as wired charging.

CAN THE ONEPLUS 10T CHARGE WIRELESSLY? No. There is no wireless charging on the OnePlus 10T. Since it is still OnePlus’ flagship phone and typically the flagships do keep wireless charging, this is a little perplexing.

Advertisement But this year, OnePlus claimed that the OnePlus 10T couldn’t use wireless charging because of the Dual-Cell battery within. The OnePlus 10T’s battery can support a larger current thanks to its dual-cell design, which also makes it possible for faster charging. It is 150W overseas and 125W in the US.

Additionally, this design can reduce the amount of heat the battery produces while being charged, which is always a plus. Because heat is bad for batteries. And OnePlus has also included a few extra features to assist the OnePlus 10T’s battery last longer.

Although it’s unfortunate that the OnePlus 10T lacks wireless charging, the majority of users are going to prefer the 10T’s incredible 125W SUPERVOOC charging. An amazing feature to have is the ability to charge your phone completely from zero to one hundred percent in just 20 minutes. Not to mention that, in contrast to practically every other smartphone on the market right now, the charger comes in the box.


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