For many users, Discord for Android won’t support Bluetooth headsets.

The Android app for Discord has been experiencing trouble transmitting call audio to Bluetooth headphones in recent weeks.

Discord has repositioned itself as a hub for communities of all kinds after beginning as a way for gamers to interact that replaced earlier programs like Skype. Discord not only provides phone and video calling but also individual and group text conversations, which is perhaps its main application. As a result, it is understandable why many people have been disappointed recently by the Android app’s almost complete inability to connect to Bluetooth headphones.

More specifically, Discord for Android provides a button that enables you to switch between your available audio devices, such as the smaller speaker for your ear, the louder loudspeaker, and your Bluetooth headsets, when you’re in a call or voice chat. Although your Bluetooth headset might still be listed here, for some people choosing it will send your audio to the speakerphone. some others has reported that their audio is simultaneously sent to the speakerphone and the earbuds.

With multiple instances of Bluetooth problems being published on Twitter in recent weeks, the Discord for Android problem has gotten worse. Notably, Discord revealed a significant update to its Android app at the start of August, although members of our team have been having problems with it for more than a month.

However, as more Android users began to use the updated Discord client built with React Native, the problem spread like wildfire. According to personal experience, three of my friends complained this past weekend that they were unable to utilize Bluetooth headphones with Discord on their Android phones, in contrast to my friends who use iPhones, who haven’t experienced any problems.

Uninstalling the program and sideloading an older version of the Discords Android app from a reliable source could be a temporary fix (like APKMirror ). Discord has announced that these previous versions will formally expire on September 1; consequently, the program might stop functioning until you upgrade it.

Discord has not yet acknowledged these problems or provided any assistance to individuals who are impacted. Comment below with your phone’s model and the Android version you’re running if you’re experiencing trouble using your Bluetooth headset in Discord calls.

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