For fans of Stranger Things, here is an icon pack.

Fans of Stranger Things are in for a treat as a new icon set has appeared in the Google Play Store. The title of this icon set, is from the television series Stranger Things.

One of the most watched TV shows right now is Stranger Things. A recent two-part fourth season release on Netflix shattered numerous records. There are numerous Stranger Things wallpapers available online, and now an icon set with a Stranger Things theme is also accessible.

THIS ICON PACK WAS CREATED FOR FANS OF STRANGER THINGS This icon set is brand-new and features the essential red and black color scheme from Stranger Things. The Demogorgon, a fictional creature from the show, is referenced in the app’s icon.

Advertisement This icon set has approximately 3,000 icons in it, and the developer has also included 11 wallpapers for your viewing pleasure. As seen in the gallery below, combining the two can give you authentic Stranger Things vibes.

The developer divided all icons into categories to make things even simpler for users, and you can also manually search for them. There are numerous categories, including Base, Business, Carriers, Communication, Creativity, and others.

Almost all of the icons in this icon pack have a black backdrop with a red outline. In the images supplied, you may see a few examples.

Advertisement It is not free, but neither is it expensive. However, you should be aware that this icon pack is not free. Despite being a premium app, it only costs $1.99. If you want to finish that Stranger Things theme on your smartphone, that is a minor price to pay.

Below is a download link if you’re interested in checking out this icon pack. You may also check out the official screenshots that we’ve supplied, which are packed with various icons.


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