For all of its controllers, Scuf releases influencer designs

A new set of influencer-based designs for all of Scuf’s existing offered controllers were just announced. This applies to the controllers for Reflex, Impact, Infinity, and Instinct/Instinct Pro. The Call of Duty League and two distinct game streams, SkyRRoZ and JoeWo, served as inspiration for the designs.

The four controllers feature the same thematic design as the SkyRRoZ and JoeWo designs. The Call of Duty League designs, on the other hand, truly offer a variety of various looks. Along with designs inspired by some of the various professional teams who compete in the CDL, official CDL-based designs are also acceptable. like Seattle Surge, Atlanta FaZe, and OpTik Texas.


Depending on the controller you choose, prices range from $30 to $240. Even so, not all designs will be priced at $30. Particularly, a full controller is the only way to purchase the SkyRRoZ and JoeWo designs. However, the CDL designs are available as a faceplate or a complete controller.

Advertisement In other words, you can pay less if you already own an Instinct or Instinct Pro. This is so that you may easily purchase the faceplate of your preferred team for $29.99. This obviously only helps people who already own an Instinct or Instinct pro.

However, it’s good to see that Scuf is providing the choice. Therefore, users who already own a controller don’t need to buy a new one merely to receive the desired faceplate. The whole controllers’ expenses are almost identical to what they are typically. even if slightly higher. The SkyRRoZ Reflex Pro, for instance, costs $239.99. A regular Reflex Pro with a faceplate of a solid color costs $229.99, in contrast.

Consequently, these limited-edition designs cost a little bit more. But the pricing aren’t drastically different.

Advertisement THE ONLY PLACE TO GET THESE DESIGNS IS FROM SCUF These new designs are solely available from from Scuf directly , however controllers like the Scuf Instinct Pro are available from shops like Amazon. The same holds true for any other designer controllers or faceplates you can select from in the customizer.

Having said that, there is no need to wait because all of the new designs are now accessible.


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