Five suggestions for extending the life of your Chromebook’s battery

Since your Chromebook has no moving parts, its screen consumes the majority of the battery. The simplest approach to save battery is to adjust the screen brightness. The fact that our eyes don’t perceive brightness in a linear way may surprise you. It is, however, logarithmic (via Android ).

You notice the former more while scaling up from dim to bright and from bright to brighter. Unless you’re outside, you don’t need to turn the screen brightness all the way up. To save up to 20% power, try lowering it to 70%. (via Harvard University ).

To change the brightness, click the Quick Settings panel and slide the slider. The two shortcut keys to adjust the screen brightness can also be found.

Some high-end and midrange Chromebooks come with a backlit keyboard as well. To save more battery, you can reduce the brightness or disable the feature.

Simply hit the two buttons designated for the keyboard backlight. Three minuscule lines and three widely spaced rays make up the icons (via Google ). Holding Alt while pressing the screen brightness buttons will dim your keyboard’s backlight if your Chromebook lacks the corresponding keys.

Google ).

All lithium-ion batteries are vulnerable to heat (the kind powering your Chromebook). Each battery has a certain lifespan, and they all deteriorate over time. However, heat accelerates their aging. Cycles are what give a battery its finite lifespan, and as a battery loses cycles, its capacity decreases as well. Even so, improved battery care can help you delay aging (via Battery University ).

Start by examining the battery life of your Chromebook.
Press the Ctrl, Alt, and T keys.
2. Type “battery health” into the command prompt window that opens up when Crosh launches.

3. Crosh will provide the battery’s current health (via HP ).

Because Chromebooks are passively cooled, make sure they have adequate airflow (no running fans). It prevents overheating and safeguards the battery within the Chromebook. As your Chromebook charges, stay away from intensive apps because they produce a lot of heat.

Avoid using up too many battery cycles in a short amount of time. Every time the cell is fully charged and discharged, you lose one cycle. Keep the charge on the Chromebook between 25% and 80% for best battery health rather than allowing it reach 0% or 100%. (via Android 0 ).


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