Five Secret Features Every AirPod User Must Try

Even though AirPods are a fantastic iPhone accessory, what if you use other Apple products as well? You only need to enable automatic switching on your AirPods if you’re using iOS 14 or a newer version of macOS Big Sur. Unfortunately, the feature is not compatible with the original AirPods, which were released in 2016. However, it is compatible with all subsequent models, including the most recent AirPods (3rd generation) and AirPods Pro (2nd generation).

Assume you have connected your AirPods to both an iPhone and an iPad that are both connected to your Apple ID. Now imagine you’re watching a YouTube video on your iPad while listening to music on your iPhone. The AirPods will then automatically switch to the iPad and play the audio from the video in that scenario (via Apple ). Similar to this, your AirPods will automatically switch to receive calls if your iPhone rings while you’re viewing a movie on your iPad or vice versa. In the Bluetooth settings, under the ‘Connect to This iPhone’ option, you can also control this capability.

Every time the AirPods switch, a pop-up card notifies you of the option to undo the change if necessary. If you decide you don’t want your AirPods to switch at all, go to Settings and turn the function off. Through the Control Center, manual selection of AirPods is further feasible (via Apple ).

Apple ).

When using AirPods, the playing is typically interrupted by a notification sound when a call or message comes in. But what if we told you that you could program your AirPods to make the caller’s identity known to you? Open Settings, press on Phone, pick Announce Calls, and then select Headphones Only from the list of possible options to have your AirPods announce the caller. I’m done now. The next time you receive a call while wearing your AirPods, they will identify the caller.

You can do this without grabbing your iPhone to see who is calling. You can simultaneously answer or decline the call using Siri. You can also set your AirPods (2nd generation and later) to receive announce other notifications notifications, such as app alerts and texts. Open Settings, select Siri


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