Five million people are currently trialing and subscribing to YouTube TV.

In February 2017, Google unveiled its YouTube-branded cord-cutting service. YouTube TV now boasts 5 million active members and trial users after more than five years.

In the third quarter of 2020, the business last reported having 3 million paid members for YouTube TV. (In Q4 of 2019, there were 2 million paying members.) With the current statistic, which is as of June 2022 and includes people who are now in on trials status, the business did not emphasize the next million milestone. Google has previously provided statistics that do not only include paying users but also trial users.

In order to give people more options, reimagine how we watch live TV, and open up new income opportunities for our partners, we created YouTube TV five years ago. We are happy to see that YouTube TV has grown to have more than 5 million subscribers and trial users. This accomplishment is proof of the team’s incredible work in creating a best-in-class experience.

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer

Google said that as of September 2021, YouTube Music had 50 million paying subscribers. These subscriptions are listed alongside hardware and Google Play in the quarterly Alphabet earnings as non-advertising YouTube revenues.

Today’s release included the following historical information:

When YouTube TV first began, a team of engineers scaled the building’s roof while carrying an antenna in order to construct a prototype. We almost decided to call the YouTube TV you know and love today YouTube Air in light of this experience. Our project codename among the group that worked on this product was Unplugged. Watching television without a cable box

Vice President of Product Management for YouTube TV and Connected TV, Christian Oestlien

The alternative moniker would have been humorous and not altogether unexpected coming from a business that formerly referred to its membership service as YouTube Red before converting to the more blatant YouTube Premium. In order to gain the required exposure right away, YouTube TV essentially skipped that phase.

A fun statistic:

In reality, over the past year, YouTube TV subscribers have become more and more interested in Formula 1. Just have a look at the statistics from the Monaco Grand Prix: watch time quadrupled between 2021 and 2022.

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