Fitbit will no longer sync with Macs and PCs or transfer music this year.

The initial Fitbit devices could be synced by inserting the tracker into a dock that was connected to your desktop computer. That requirement has been eliminated by the widespread use of smartphones, and this year the old Fitbit Connect software and local music sync will be discontinued.

You may still download the outdated Fitbit Connect app for Windows 10 and Mac OS X from the bottom of the set-up instructions page as of right now.

Most Fitbit devices may be configured and synced on your computer using Fitbit Connect if you don’t have a compatible phone or tablet. With the help of the free software program Fitbit Connect, you may sync the data from your Fitbit gadget with your dashboard.

To set up and sync your Fitbit gadget, you must utilize a wireless sync dongle if your computer does not support Bluetooth.

The ability to sync your Fitbit device with the Fitbit Connect software on your PC is being removed with Fitbit on October 13, 2022 . That desktop application is described in another support page as being deactivated as of that day.

It is recommended for users to utilize the Fitbit app on an iOS . Given the widespread use of smartphones, this shouldn’t effect too many users, but a small number of people will surely be impacted.

The fact that Fitbit Connect may be used to sync music files and playlists to smartwatches for local, offline playback may be a major problem with it being discontinued.

On October 13, 2022, we will discontinue allowing playlist transfers from your computer to your Fitbit watch. The Pandora and Deezer apps allow you to add music to your watch and play personal audio that is already on it.

Moving ahead, only streaming services with a small user base are being offered. It’s unlikely that these current (to older) Fitbit OS devices will receive an upgrade with compatibility for additional music apps in the future, such as YouTube Music. Most affected will be current Fitbit owners, but this should pass over time given that Wear OS includes offline Spotify and YouTube Music.

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