Finally, YouTube is making Picture-in-Picture available to all iPhone and iPad users.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP), which YouTube stated will be coming to its iPhone and iPad apps last June, would soon be widely available for Premium subscribers worldwide and free users in the United States.

How to utilize it After choosing a YouTube video to view, just exit the YouTube app (by swiping up from the bottom of your screen, or pressing the home button). As you use other apps on your device, the video will continue to play in a small player that you can move around the screen.

Google allowed YouTube Premium customers to manually enable the option two months after the feature’s launch the previous year. After the test period expired in April 2022, the firm remained silent about the continued availability of PiPs.

Over the coming days, YouTube is now ready to widely introduce Picture-in-Picture compatibility for devices running iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 or higher.

We acknowledge that this has been a slow roll out for a feature that has been greatly sought, and we would want to thank everyone who provided input throughout testing (most recently on and patiently awaited this day!

When it becomes available for your phone or tablet, there will be a Picture-in-Picture setting under Settings andgt; General. YouTube Premium will continue to offer background play, which plays audio alone without any video. On several of the devices we examined today, it is not live.

PIP AVAILABILITY ON YOUTUBE All paid YouTube Premium subscribers will be able to access PiP for all content on their iPhones and iPads worldwide (both music and non-music).

Go to Settings > General on your YouTube app and enable Picture-in-Picture to enable the feature. According to your input from our tests, background play will still be available even if you don’t enable PiP!

In the US, PiP is free to use, but only for non-musical content, and advertising will still be present.
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