Finally, Wordle allows you to sync stats and streaks between devices.

Wordle is now attempting to overcome one of its main drawbacks. You can now sync your streaks and statistics across all of the devices you use to play the hugely popular daily word game. When switching devices, your streak will no longer be lost. Recently, The New York Times, which acquired Wordle in January, tweeted the joyful information.

A New York Times (NYT) account is required, per the company, in order to save and sync Wordle streaks. You can sign up for a new account or utilize an existing free or paid one. This Wednesday, July 13, saw the launch of the feature. Over the coming days, everyone ought to have access to it. Once you have it, you can use your NYT account to log in and carry your Wordle streak with you everywhere you go.

According to the New York Times, this process cannot be stopped. It follows that you cannot unlink the gaming metrics from a NYT account after you have done so. It’s not perfect, though. For a variety of reasons, someone could choose to remove Wordle’s connection from the NYT profile. Alternately, maybe switch accounts. I’m hoping the magazine will look into it.

Advertisement Players can now sync their streaks between devices with Wordle. Wordle Quickly gained notoriety after its launch in October of last year. In January of this year, The New York Times purchased the daily word game from its original creator for an undisclosed sum. Its popularity increased to the point where it was even featured on the first Nintendo Game Boy. One essential feature, however—the option to sync your stats and streaks across devices—was missing from the game all this time.

When playing common games like Wordle, streaks have a big value. The better you feel about the game and the more motivated you are to return the next day, the longer your streak lasts. These streaks must sync across all platforms because everyone today owns multiple screens-equipped devices with internet connections. This makes it possible for people to carry on streaks independent of the device they are using.

Wordle has sadly only been able to save device-specific streaks up until this point. All of the stats and streaks are therefore lost if you switch to another device. The New York Times has finally added Wordle’s cross-device synchronization capability after receiving numerous player concerns. Hopefully, nothing has gone wrong since the corporation transferred players from the original website to its own. After this relocation, a few customers complained that their streaks had been lost.


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