Fans of frogs will appreciate these new pixel wallpapers.

Other than cats and dogs, there are other animals. You have to sometimes respect the frog. Google has released these cute new Pixel wallpapers featuring some lovely frogs. The company’s Curated Culture wallpapers include them.

WHAT ARE THE WALLPAPERS OF CURATE CULTURE? Google’s Pixel phones are the only ones to receive some cool benefits. One is the vast array of wallpapers you may choose for your phone. You can choose from 14 distinct categories of wallpapers, and each category includes a huge selection of wallpapers.

One of the 14 categories, Curated Culture, regularly receives fresh wallpaper additions. The promotion of musicians from many international cultures is a focus of this category. They are for people who want to view original artwork created by various aspiring artists from around the world.

Advertisement You may simply access them if you own a Pixel device. On the home screen, tap and hold your finger down until the wallpaper popup appears. When you click the Change Wallpaper button, the 14 categories should appear (its 15 counting the My Photos category). The second row of categories should include the Curated Culture category.

GOOGLES’ NEW PIXEL WALLPAPERS ARE INTENDED FOR FROGS-LOVERS. The most recent collection of Pixel Wallpapers features a cute scene with some contented tiny frogs. There are three wallpapers in all, and when combined, they create one image.

The creator of these wallpapers is identified on Instagram as @autumnalwood . On a spring day, three plush animals that look like frogs are shown holding hands. In front of a tiny river, they are standing beneath a tree.

Advertisement The wallpapers have a strong blue color palette and trend more toward the colder side of the color spectrum. The colors are quite vivid but also muted. There are three frogs and three wallpapers. You can assign the one you like most by deciding the one you like.


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