Facebook Groups Will Soon Have A Discord-Like Interface

Facebook Groups will soon have a new look that will resemble Discord. Even the new left-aligned sidebar and color have a Discord-like feel to it.

The Groups on the Meta-owned platform have begun to receive a new design language. Users anticipate a large firm like Facebook to be innovative in its design, but the new Groups interface is simply a redesigned version of the Discord app.

The first thing you notice about the new design is a purple hue that is very dissimilar to Facebook’s signature blue hue. Additionally, a left-aligned sidebar that can list your groups has been introduced. Each category is represented by rounded square icons. For quicker access, users can pin groups at the top.

Advertisement MORE THAN EVER, FACEBOOK GROUPS ARE LIKE DISCORD A new menu that groups channels, Messenger discussions, and events is also being added to the Individual groups. Text chats, audio rooms, or feed rooms are all options for Channels in Groups. Posts and comments can be made by any user. Text chat and audio rooms are comfortable to you if you’ve already used the Messenger thread and Discord.

Naturally, the modifications are not yet generally accessible. However, Kate Cichy, a spokesman for Meta, told The Verge that users would start seeing the new look soon.

Recent developments have been centered around Facebook. Meta wants to make Facebook into the equivalent of TikTok in China. Instagram and other meta platforms are evolving to resemble TikTok. Facebook is obviously aiming to increase the amount of suggested content from accounts you don’t follow that appears in your news feed.

Advertisement The notion of combining Facebook with Discord and TikTok has been floating around Meta for a while. The idea appears a little hazy, which could make users confused. The platform may lose users since they lack a distinct identity. We must wait to see Meta’s preferred course of action.


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