Expert Advice for Increasing Your Tesla’s Range

Plan your departure for when you’ll be connected is another approach that’s worth trying. Your Tesla will know when to leave so it may make sure the cabin is comfortable and reaches the charge limit (depending on how you’ve customized the charging feature) just before you leave. Enter the Charging section, choose Scheduled Departure, and then tap on Schedule to change the departure parameters. Normally, it is not on.

Tesla fully charged
Tesla supercharged charging network

Regarding maintaining the rated capacity, it’s critical to realize that relying on quick charging (such at Tesla Superchargers) may not be the best option for the battery in your car. Your Li-ion battery is exposed to substantially greater temperatures since DC Superchargers use a higher voltage than standard wall charging, which might eventually cause battery degeneration.

The Li-ion cell’s chemistry cannot be changed by the onboard Active Thermal Management system, but it can stop the cells from overheating. Your Li-ion battery is thought to deteriorate by 1.9% for every 10,000 miles you drive, according to EVjuicedup . For its part, Tesla claims that its batteries can maintain 70% of their capacity for the duration of the typical 8-year warranty.

Tesla advises utilizing low-voltage chargers more frequently for battery health, and Superchargers only when absolutely essential. To give its users the freedom of long-distance driving without having to deal with range anxiety, Tesla installed Superchargers. The optimum recommendation is rapid top-ups at those stations between long travels and sticking to the wall connector otherwise.

Tesla interior preconditioning
Tesla using Autopilot

Using Tesla’s Autopilot can help you get better miles per gallon (mpg) on the highway, similar to how cruise control improves gas mileage in gas cars (via Tesla Motors Club ). Basically, Autopilot uses the least amount of throttle while operating the car at its best settings. It’s just the way things are that efficient acceleration and braking are better handled by a computer than by a human. Your Tesla is capable of calculating and optimizing its settings for commutes, particularly lengthy ones. But when you run into headwinds, the situation changes significantly.

Your Tesla may need to expend more energy to maintain the same speed in the presence of headwinds and crosswinds. If there are other vehicles on the road, of course, switching to manual controls and drafting—also known as slipstreaming—where you take advantage of the reduced aerodynamic drag from the car ahead can result in a longer range.

Your total driving range can benefit from keeping objects 1-2 car widths away. It’s crucial to keep in mind that drafting will force you to drive near to other vehicles, so you must pay strict attention to ensure your safety. Road surfaces that are slick from rain or ice lengthen stopping distances during emergency braking, increasing the risk of drafting, for example. The activity can dramatically lower wind resistance and increase the range of your Tesla if it is carried out carefully and under the appropriate circumstances.

Tesla Model 3 Parked In snow
Tesla driving using in-built navigation

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, temperature has a significant impact on driving range and charging speeds. It is advisable to keep to the car’s built-in sat-nav when traveling a long distance in the winter, especially when trying to find a Supercharger.

Even if you already know where the Supercharger is without asking for instructions, there are still hidden benefits to telling the navigation system where you’re going. The battery is warmed up by the system as it approaches a Supercharger, putting it in the ideal range for the fastest charge times by the time you reach to plug in.

It’s important to keep in mind that preconditioning will increase the battery’s draw while you travel to the Supercharger, resulting in less charge when you arrive than if your Tesla had not warmed the pack beforehand. The theory is that the time saved by using a preconditioned battery to reach peak charging speeds is worthwhile and balances off the somewhat higher charge the automobile needs. When setting a Supercharger destination, you can press the message regarding preconditioning to cancel it if you absolutely don’t want to use it (via Tesla Motors Club ).

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Tesla settings


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Tesla fully charged

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Tesla fully charged

1 Tesla ,

Tesla fully charged

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Tesla fully charged


Tesla fully charged

4 Tesla Tesla provides you with a number of linked features for your convenience and security. Although these features may enhance the experience of owning a Tesla, they can also consume energy pointlessly. Range can be impacted by functions like Headlights After Exit, Sentry Mode, and Cabin Overheat Protection.

The Sentry Mode raises the level of security by continuously watching the area around the automobile with the help of the external cameras and recording any suspicious activity. Sentry Mode on your Tesla for eleven days would certainly result in a dead Tesla when you returned (via Jerry ). Sentry Mode can prevent Teslas from being parked for up to twenty days when it is switched off, in contrast. If you leave your car unattended while on vacation, this “vampire drain” may become a problem. For this reason, you may choose to off Sentry Mode, either through the Tesla App or from within the vehicle (Controls andgt; Sentry).

Cabin Overheat Protection is another option that can drain your battery despite being a great safety and comfort feature. Try turning off the function if your battery is becoming low or if you just want to stop parasitic battery drain. Toggle the setting on or off by selecting Controls andgt; Safety andgt; Cabin Overheat Protection. After all, if your home has security cameras, you probably won’t need the Sentry Mode, and if you park in a garage or an underground parking lot, you probably won’t need the Cabin Overheat Protection feature either.


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