Exclusive Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a case from Google Store’s birthday sale is obviously from Matas Duarte’s closet.

Every year on September 27, Google commemorates its founding and promotes the occasion globally with discounts on first-party products. The 24th birthday offer for the Google Store is currently active in Asia.

Update 9/9: There is a 20% discount available when using the code “GOOGLEPARTY24” at checkout in European nations like France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden. Check out the page of local offers.

A poster in the UK states that out of respect, “The 9/9 sales event is no longer taking place.” But the aforementioned coupon code is still valid.

Thank to everybody.

Update 9/8: The 24th birthday sale for The Google Store has begun in the Asia-Pacific region. With the purchase of a Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, or Pixel 6a this weekend, the common offer is a commemorative case.

A teal “G” is located right beneath the lenses, and the design, which is primarily purple, extends to the strip above the camera bar. The sun and moon are also there, along with numerous small black dots. In all honesty, the color scheme makes us think of Matas Duarte’s stunning exuberant shirt collection .

It’s unclear whether this is an altogether new accessory or is based on Google’s current Pixel case. In the meanwhile, purchases of phones in Taiwan and Australia also include a Google Store credit, and deals on other devices will soon be available in Japan (where stickers are being included). In Asia, the sales don’t simply last a day; they go through the weekend (like in Europe).

Original 8/30: Today, you may find the following banner in the majority of European and some Asia-Pacific Google Stores (Japan and Taiwan, but not Australia): Our 24-hour sale will begin on September 9. The clock is ticking.

You are welcomed.
Google turns 24 years old. For early access to our 24-hour sale on September 9, please RSVP.

In contrast to prior years, this year’s Friday, September 9, is oddly early. Though Google.com was first registered a year earlier on September 15, it is still closer to the date of Google’s real incorporation, which took place on September 4, 1998.

Even before the flagship phones were fully released or even priced, the Pixel 6 was promoted throughout the holidays the year prior in Asia. You were eligible for a discount if you purchased something from the Google Store during the deal.

In Europe, most products had discounts of 20%, making the offers simpler. There was a deeper 23% discount on several goods.

Before the 24th birthday, more neighborhood Google Stores in both regions ought to become operational. The company makes up for not offering this birthday sale in the US by offering a longer Black Friday period. The one-day sale always falls embarrassingly close to the fall launch period for the Pixel. Speaking of which, shops are still removing Pixel 6 (now $469