Everything You Need To Know About Windows 11

Windows 11, Microsoft’s upcoming release of its operating system, is rapidly approaching, and the corporation has already released a wealth of information about it. There are many reasons to refresh your knowledge of what’s coming, especially because Windows is one of the most popular operating systems for personal computers worldwide. Windows 11 is positioned to be a significant improvement, with new capabilities, improved security, and even a freshened interface.

Even if it won’t seem completely different from Windows 10, it will look distinctive enough to capture the eye. Furthermore, if you use Windows personally, it’s critical to be aware of what to anticipate. This useful guide was created as a result. This describes every noteworthy and significant component of the upcoming operating system modifications.

Check out the guide below to discover more about Windows 11, including its cost, features, and release date.

Advertisement WHEN WILL WINDOWS 11 BE AVAILABLE? In 2021, Windows 11 will be available. More specifically, Microsoft has recently revealed that the October 5 launch date for the Windows 11 software upgrade. New Windows 10 PCs that are eligible will receive the update first, and it will then move on from there. According to Microsoft, PCs coming with Windows 11 will also start to be sold on the same day.

Therefore, if you preferred to purchase a Windows 11 PC rather than updating, you could. Additionally, not all devices are receiving the update simultaneously. Microsoft, on the other hand, is managing this as a deliberate, planned rollout. Even so, the update is anticipated to reach all eligible PCs by the middle of 2022.

RELEASED ON: OCT. 5, 2021 Microsoft started rolling out Windows 11 on October 4—one day ahead of schedule. While some customers have already gotten the new software upgrade, others will begin using it in 2022 as part of a staggered deployment. Additionally, Windows 11-preinstalled laptops and prebuilt PCs should start to appear on the market.

Advertisement For instance, Razer just announced that the new Razer Book and Razer Blade 15 Advanced now ship pre-installed with Windows 11.
RELEASED ON MAY 12, 2022 Microsoft has officially started offering Windows 11 on actual USB keys through merchants like Amazon and Best Buy.
Windows 11 Home
Commercial Windows 11 Pro

WHAT WILL IT COST TO UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 11? The upgrade will be free for everyone. If you’re upgrading from Windows 10, that is. You might need to purchase Windows 10 if you’re running an older version of Windows in order to receive the free upgrade to Windows 11.

If you already have Windows 10, upgrading won’t cost you anything, but your computer must be able to run the program. To check if your device is compatible, you can download the PC Health Check app from Microsoft. Therefore, you should do that before the software is released in the future.

Advertisement Having said that, you cannot download the PC Health Check app right now. Microsoft briefly took it offline earlier this year. However, the business will put it back up before Windows 11 is released this Fall. Therefore, before the software is delivered, you should still have plenty of time to use it and determine whether your PC satisfies the criteria.

WHAT ARE WINDOWS 11’S MAJOR FEATURES AND CHANGES? Windows 11 promises to include numerous new features and improvements. However, not all of them will be significant to everyone. Heck, some of them probably won’t even be noticed unless someone points them out. When Microsoft publishes the upgrade, the following are some of the biggest changes you may anticipate.


Of course, the modifications in design are the first thing you’ll notice. Considering that the visual component is the very first thing you’ll see when the OS starts up. This time around, Microsoft didn’t make any significant design changes. In fact, so many objects still resemble one another that you might mistakenly believe that nothing has changed.

Advertisement But there most certainly are. even though they are subtler. The corners of windows will now have rounded edges as a start. The task bar and certain windows now appear to be made of frosted glass. similar to Windows Vista’s Aero design. So you’ll be able to see a little through them. But not every window you’ve opened will necessarily seem this way. And it might be based on the subject you decide on.

A new location for the start menu is also part of the new design. The menu will now appear just above the Start button, which will now be located in the middle of the task bar (now known as the Dock by Microsoft). This brand-new, central location aims to make things simpler to utilize.


Themes are nothing new, but the ones included in Windows 11 will be more dynamic and seem to have a bigger impact on the overall appearance and feel of your own unique Windows experience. Some of these themes will incorporate the previously stated Aero appearance. Additionally, each one will have a distinct hue connected with it, and both light and dark modes will have themes.

PC APPLICATIONS FOR ANDROID ” alt=”Windows 11 Android Apps”>

This is undoubtedly one of the most significant improvements in Windows 11, but only if you use Android. Microsoft has stated that Windows 11 devices will support some Android apps. As a result, you won’t need any additional software to run Android apps on your PC and utilize them natively. like Bluestacks.

Advertisement There is a significant exception to this, though. Although you can find apps on the Microsoft Store, you’ll actually download them from the Amazon App Store. As a result, the Android applications you wish to utilize on your PC must be available in the Amazon App Store. You won’t be able to use them natively on Windows 11 if they’re not. A third-party program like Bluestacks would still be quite helpful in that situation.


Another exciting new feature to anticipate is snap groups. Although Windows 10 already allows you to snap windows together, Windows 11 will make them far more functional. This is because Microsoft has made it easier to transition between multiple apps that are now running without needing to reposition them.

From the dock, you can return to your snapped windows, and they will re-snap into place as if you had never gone. Therefore, everything proceeds rather automatically. This will have a significant positive impact on productivity and efficiency for multitaskers and people who simply keep a number of programs open all the time.


With the release of Windows 11, the Microsoft Store will offer a better user experience with better-curated content. Additionally, it will now provide upgrades for managing material that has been purchased, including as movies, TV series, games, apps, and more.

The curated tales and collections, according to Microsoft, will make it simpler to search for all apps, books, movies, games, etc. So it will be simpler than ever to find more of what you actually want to download.


With Windows 11, Microsoft is launching a brand-new information feed known as Widgets. a tailored feed that shows you more of the news you care about and less of the news you don’t, according to the business. Widgets will reside at the dock and be available there constantly.

It was also made to be unobtrusive by Microsoft. To make it out of the way, as soon as you open it, it will slide to the left or right of the screen. According to Microsoft, it has a smooth and sophisticated appearance and moves across the screen like a sheet of glass. Artificial intelligence and Microsoft Edge’s best-in-class browser performance are also used to power widgets. So anticipate it to become more adept at providing you with relevant stuff while also operating rather well. For an even more unique flair, you can even add widgets on your own.


Microsoft has added a new Chat feature directly to the dock so users can access all of their most crucial contacts more quickly. With all of your private contacts, you will be able to text, chat, make video calls, and make voice calls using this. Furthermore, it is largely platform independent.

So it won’t matter if you’re using Windows 11 and they’re on Android, iOS, or Windows; you can still communicate with them.

WILL WINDOWS 11 BE GOOD FOR GAMING? ” gaming on Windows 11″>

Naturally. Microsoft actually believes that Windows 11 will offer the best PC gaming experience to date. However, it has to be shown how that truly functions in situations with regular users in the real world. Things look fairly impressive on paper. And as someone who plays a lot of PC games, I find that to be really alluring.

Microsoft claims that Windows 11’s support for PC gaming will include fantastic features like Direct X 12 Ultimate. It has features like support for extremely high frame rates and is intended to improve gaming. producing stunning and engaging images as well.

Microsoft also boasts about DirectStorage’s quicker load speeds. So you may spend more time playing and enjoying your games rather than waiting for them to start up. There is also, of course, the recently updated Xbox Game Pass app. Which puts all of your favorite games at your fingertips with a more simplified design and user interface navigation mechanism. And fresh ones are never more than a click or two away from being found.

Additionally, the new software will manage games better. You can thus purchase games directly from this app. Additionally, if you need to free up some space, you can simply delete from your collection any games you no longer want to play and uninstall them. While Windows 10 requires users to download the Xbox app, Windows 11 will come preloaded with it. Therefore, once you upgrade, if it isn’t already on your computer, it will be.

A BETTER TOUCH EXPERIENCE AND A VARIETY OF INPUT METHODS Windows 11 now has significantly improved touch functionality according to Microsoft. making the UI’s navigation even simpler. Not to mention all the tools or apps you might use every day.

The input techniques have also been upgraded. enabling you to type anything you want into a computer. Alternatively, you can type with a touch device utilizing swipe typing or new keyboard themes.

It will now be simpler to drag and enlarge or reduce your windows when using touch input, improving the touch experience. Even launching Task View and removing programs from the screen may be done with multiple finger motions.

WHAT MINIMUM SPECIFICATIONS ARE NEEDED FOR WINDOWS 11? If you are using a computer that is already running Windows 10, there is a good chance that it will work with Windows 11. Microsoft does, however, have a list of the minimal specifications needed. Which, for anyone who already uses Windows or any other computing platform, should come as no surprise.

Your computer must fulfill the minimum specifications given below in order for Windows 11 to run properly.

Processor: at least two cores running at 1GHz or faster. Additionally, the processor or SoC used must be 64-bit compliant; 32-bit processors will not be supported. RAM: 4GB Memory: 64 GB System Firmware: Secure Boot-capable and UEFI Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 Graphics Card: WDDM and DirectX 12 or later two. driver display with a minimum diagonal size of 9 inches, 720p resolution, and 8-bit color channels Microsoft Account and Internet Access: For the initial setup, you must have a Microsoft account, as well as an internet connection. This implies that to finish configuring your Windows 11 PC experience, make sure your computer is online and signed into your Microsoft account the first time you boot it up after the upgrade. Unless you want to use tools or programs that depend on the internet to work, you won’t need an active internet connection in the future. WINDOWS 11 WILL BE AVAILABLE WHERE? Everything You Need To Know About Windows 11

Anywhere that Windows 10 is currently offered, Windows 11 ought to be too. No matter where you live, if you already have a PC with Windows 10 installed, it will eventually receive an upgrade to Windows 11. Remember that Windows 11 is only meant to begin rolling out to consumers during the holiday season. Up to 2022, rollouts will continue. Some users might not be able to upgrade until the following year.

Microsoft doesn’t actually explain how this will all function in great detail. Therefore, some areas can receive the upgrade later than others.

A SINGLE ANNUAL MAJOR UPDATE WILL TAKE PLACE. Microsoft is reducing the number of significant upgrades it distributes to consumers annually. With Windows 11, there will only be one major upgrade released each year. rather than the two that Microsoft is now advocating.

This ought to aid the business in continuing to provide users with a more stable release each year. At least, Microsoft probably thinks so. The development team should have more time to concentrate on the one major update, thus it should work.

DOES WINDOWS 11 HAVE AN INSIDER PROGRAM? You may test out Windows 11 for yourself by downloading the Insider Preview build, as was previously indicated. However, unless you have a second Windows 10 PC to install it on, it is not advised. Because putting it on your primary PC only in case there are problems that affect your usage is not a good idea.

In a word, yeah. For Windows 11, there is an Insider Program that you can join if you like. To test Windows 11 at the moment, you must need to register to become a Windows Insider.


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