Everything You Need To Know About NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Updated October 2022

Describe GeForce NOW. It’s NVIDIA’s cloud gaming platform, to put it briefly. Using NVIDIA’s hardware, you use it to stream video games to other gadgets. allowing you to play games at high graphics settings without a powerful computer.

This article deconstructs NVIDIA GeForce NOW and tries to address any queries you may have if you’re interested in learning more. Since this is a continuing piece of content, any changes to the service will be reflected in the updates.


Advertisement GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s response to a cloud gaming platform, as was already mentioned. Although it has only ever been a closed beta, it has been working on it for a while.

When NVIDIA eventually took the service out of testing and made it universally accessible in February 2020, everything changed.

Then when is it accessible? At this precise moment. When you have time, you can sign up for the service and begin playing games right away. Remember that GeForce NOW might not be accessible in your area.

Advertisement Only the US and Europe have officially introduced the service. Nevertheless, NVIDIA also claims that the service is operational thanks to alliance partners in Japan, Korea, and Russia.


There are two GeForce NOW tiers that are offered. There is no cost on one of the tiers. As a result, you can register and play games for free. except for the game’s purchase price.

Advertisement The Founders tier is another option. The monthly fee for this tier has increased from $5 to $10. a modification made by NVIDIA earlier this year. Over the free tier, it offers you more advantages. This means that in addition to purchasing your games, you must also pay the $9.99 monthly cost. The good news is that if you are grandfathered in, meaning you have been a GeForce NOW subscriber since it first launched at $4.99, you can continue to pay that amount each month as long as your subscription doesn’t expire.

It currently costs exactly the same as Stadia Pro. It utilizes the hardware you already have. Whether it be a tablet, phone, or computer.

October 21, 2021 update With the RTX 3080 tier, NVIDIA has now introduced a third level of GeForce NOW membership. It has a six-month membership subscription price of $99.99. RTX ON enables RTX 3080 gaming rigs with extended session time of two hours for a total of eight hours, up to 120 frames per second on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS apps, among other advantages.

Update to the advertisement as of December 16, 2021 Memberships for the NVIDIA GeForce NOW RTX 3080 tier are now accessible without a queue. In other words, you may subscribe and start streaming games right away.

UPDATE: 11 MARS 2022 Finally, NVIDIA has made it possible to pay for the RTX 3080 tier on a monthly basis. As a result, you can now subscribe for $19.99 each month rather than $99.99 for six months.

WHAT DEVICES IS GEFORCE SUPPORTING RIGHT NOW? A good number, actually. GeForce NOW was created to function with a variety of hardware.

Advertisement That implies that you can apply it to practically anything. even a potato computer. You can use it specifically on Chromebooks and Windows-based PCs and laptops. Therefore, if you’ve always wanted your computer to play demanding games but it just lacked the specifications, you are no longer constrained.

It may be accessed through Safari on both iOS and Android mobile devices. It will function on Mac desktops and laptops in addition to the NVIDIA SHIELD. The sole prerequisites for Android are that it run on Android 5.0 or later, support OpenGL ES 3.2, and have at least 2GB of RAM. You’ll also need a gamepad that is compatible.

Now, WebOS-powered LG TVs manufactured in 2021 or later will also be able to access the service.

It depends on where you play games, so this is kind of a big topic. Any controller that is supported by your PC should function if you play on it. Including the Steam controller, Xbox One controller, etc.

The list is presumably somewhat shorter if you play on an Android phone. The Razer Junglecat, Razer Kishi, SHIELD controller, Razer Raiju Mobile, Glap, SteelSeries XL, SteelSeries Stratus Duo, DualShock 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers may all be used with Android phones in an official capacity. merely to mention a few, of course. given that many more people today work.

Advertisement According to NVIDIA’s FAQ page, a USB OTG cable must be used with the DualShock 4 if you’re playing on a phone. But this is untrue. You can see that both cable and Bluetooth are mentioned on the support page if you look a little farther.

The DualShock 4 should be able to communicate wirelessly with your phone over Bluetooth. Because I did it that way and it was successful, This also implies that the DualSense controller, which can connect to Android devices, should function without a hitch.

To play games that need a keyboard and mouse, you may also perhaps connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your device. This should work.


Not all of them will be put here because this is a very long list. The majority of games, to be brief.

On the PC, GeForce NOW supports a large selection of games via Steam, Uplay, and other launchers. It has access to games in this way. It draws from the video games you already have in your collection.

That ought to also address any cost-related queries. Game titles are not purchased directly from NVIDIA. You cannot, however, access any games you did not purchase. Therefore, you would need to have purchased through Steam or somewhere else if you wanted to play it.

Some titles from Steam won’t be displayed or listed in the GeForce NOW app for Android when you access them. However, after logging into your Steam account via the GeForce NOW app, you can choose from one of the games that are displayed before simply exiting and choosing another game from your Steam library.

This is so that NVIDIA can simply access your Steam account using the remote play functionality of Steam. You can play games like The Division 2, Fortnite, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and others from various launchers.

CURRENT GAMES: As of July 21, there are 10 brand-new games available on GeForce NOW. As of this week, half of them are brand-new releases. Hell Pie, Endling – Extraction Is Forever, Hazel Sky, Panzer Arena: Prologue, TombStar, Curious Expedition 2, Darksiders Genesis, Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue, Wildemyth, and Outward Definitive Edition are among the games that were added to the service today.

NEWEST GAMES: Over the past few of weeks, NVIDIA has released a few new games that are now streamable, including Asphalt 9: Legends, Spectre of Communism, Fight For Freedom, Lost Light, Camp Canyonwood, and a few others from August 4. Cult of The Lamb, Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, Rumbleverse, Arcade Paradise, Tyrant’s Blessing, Farthest Frontier, and Infinite Lagrange are among the games that were added on August 12.

The following titles will also be available to subscribers as of August 18: Thymesia, Century: Age of Ashes, Clanfolk, Coromon, HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed, and Phoenix Point. When it launches on August 19, the Lake Of Kalandra expansion for Path of Exile should also be accessible.

RELEASED ON: OCT. 20, 2022 A Plague Tale: Requiem, Batora – Lost Haven, Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood


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