Every time your computer delivers data to Google, this software beeps.

A demo app that sounds each time your computer sends any data to Google was developed by a developer and privacy advocate. It’s an extremely noisy app, spoiler alert.

Larger digital firms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon can occasionally seem like unavoidable presences on the internet. In order to provide a better experience across its ecosystem, Google, in particular, records how you use its search engine and other apps.

However, given the popularity of Google Analytics and Google’s ad networks, the items that Google keeps track of can potentially go far further than you might anticipate. Developer Bert Hubert, the man behind the original PowerDNS app, developed a new program called Googerteller to help users better understand the types of data delivered to Google, where it happens, and when it does.

Googerteller operates utilizing a list of IP addresses ( freely provided by Google ) connected to a variety of Google services, but not Google Cloud. You’ll hear a beep each time your computer connects to one of those IP addresses, whether you’re using an application or browsing the web.

You’ll hear a beep after each typing into Chrome’s address bar in Hubert’s initial demo video as the browser makes requests for autocomplete suggestions. When visiting the Dutch government’s careers website, almost every click—including menu expansion and collapse—connects to Google and emits a beep. These beeps are probably being generated by the Google Analytics tracking that the site’s owners have chosen to use.

Although there is a case to be made that Chrome’s close integration with Google services may be to blame for some of these links to Google, Hubert showed obtained almost comparable results when using Firefox.

Googerteller is presently only intended to function with Linux-based operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora, etc.), however adventurous users can install it for free . Some people have even produced PowerDNS 0 or shared clever ways for running it on a Mac.

Overall, the purpose of this software is to increase awareness—noisy, beeping awareness—of how frequently Google obtains information about your regular browsing habits. It is up to you what you do with that information.

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