Every image on the Google Photos website now displays in backup quality.

The web’s Info pane now has a Backed up section, continuing the modest improvements and modifications to Google Photos.

Since 2020, photos.google.com has featured image information that is not included on the Android or iOS apps, such as Uploaded from and Shared by. Backed up, the newest web-only feature, combines day/date, location, device, EXIF, and file data.

It begins by stating whether a photo was uploaded to Google Photos in Original quality or Storage saver. If this item doesn’t take up space in your account storage because you used an early Pixel phone or the previous High quality option, it will be noted in this area.

Otherwise, Photos will display the backup size, which was previously located in the third section of the Info pane. Actually, Google no longer displays the file size of stuff that doesn’t require storage.

Update: Although to a lesser extent, this information is also available on the iOS client. Backups on the iPhone/iPad client just include the words “Original quality” or “Storage saver,” with no additional information.

Google Photos Backed up
Google Photos Backed up

Photos added options to help users manage their cloud quota better when Google changed its storage policy last year. This item adds the Manage storage page with media type breakdowns (Large photographs and movies, Screenshots, and Blurry photos) and is very much a continuation of that.

Today, not all users have access to this Google Photos Backed information. We’ve noticed it on some accounts, but not all of them.


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