Even more of the UI in Gboard Material You is now colored for more users.

The wildly popular Gboard keyboard from Google is receiving a Material You upgrade, bringing additional color to more users’ devices. That is based on recent reports after an app upgrade.

The modification itself is slight. For those who aren’t paying attention, it will be, or at the very least, it will. Additionally, it won’t be a major deal for individuals who already use Pixel devices with the most recent update. That’s because this gives the app on third-party cellphones a little more customization.

WHAT DOES THE LATEST UPDATE FOR GBOARD’S MATERIAL YOU THEMING BRING? The navigation bar has changed in the upgraded app, which at the very least uses beta version 12. This is the bar that is nestled neatly beneath the row of keys that includes the spacebar and enter key. Typically, that includes a keyboard minimization icon. However, depending on the application and device, it may also have keyboard shortcuts and system navigation keys. The back, home, and recent applications icons are three examples.

Advertisement Before the Gboard upgrade, Material The navigation bar was unaffected by your theming; only the keyboard itself was. The default stock colors for the navigation bar were still in place. A black background with white or gray icons is the norm in this situation. That bar won’t be displayed in such stark tones after the upgrade is deployed.

When the Gboard keyboard is open and visible, Material You colors will be applied to that bar-shaped UI. as demonstrated in the source’s example images below. For instance, if the user’s theme is set to a red or blue color, the navigation bar will also be displayed in those colors.

As previously said, the update is currently mostly visible in the app’s beta version. Therefore, people shouldn’t panic if it doesn’t appear for them just yet. The time between when features first appear in beta versions of programs and when they are added to the stable release is typically fairly short.


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