Elon Musk Acknowledges That the Price of the Tesla FSD Is Increasing

Tesla’s FSD Beta wasn’t always accessible to all owners of its EV lineup, but Musk is optimistic that it will become more widely available as a result of its many enhancements. The Tesla CEO referred to the most recent FSD 10.69 version as a “major step forward” in a tweet.

Elon Musk FSD Beta 10.69 update status Tweet

Musk stated that the upgrade began to be distributed on August 20 and that a “wider rollout” of version 10.69.1 was anticipated by the end of the week. However, Musk also added in another tweet that North Americans will soon be paying $15,000 for FSD starting September 5 and that its current pricing will only apply to orders made before that date. FSD v10.69.2 is said to follow shortly after and will eventually come to every Beta participant in a “few weeks.”

Elon Musk FSD Beta 10.69 update pricing tweet

Musk did mention that widespread FSD release is one of his two key priorities this year, even referring to it as a “huge kahuna” that will require “crazy labor” to complete, but he has yet to specify exactly what those significant improvements entail.

Elon Musk tweet on FSD goals

If the updates are as effective as Musk promises, then maybe Tesla won’t need to restrict FSD updates in the future to only the best drivers.


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