Early Look At The PlayStation VR2 Headset From Sony

The most recent virtual reality headset from Sony is the PlayStation VR2, which is still in development. However, the business is providing a sneak preview of it before to the formal release. The PS VR2 is the model that replaces the PS VR and offers an improved virtual reality experience.

The PlayStation VR2 reportedly has an unique see-through function that lets you take in your surroundings even while wearing the headset, according to the PlayStation blog . The function button on the headset or PlayStation Control Center might be used to activate the feature. Then, you can choose to view the PS VR2’s content or its surroundings. When you need to locate the PS VR2 Sense controllers, this feature is incredibly useful.

A broadcasting option has also been added by Sony to PS VR2. Gamers can record and broadcast themselves as they play video games thanks to this function. You must connect to the PS5 HD Camera in order to accomplish this.

Advertisement THE PLAYSTATION VR2 HEADSET SPECIFICATIONS ARE RELEASED BY SONY Customizing the playing space is another feature Sony intends to add to the PlayStation VR2 headset. Set limits for playing using the embedded cameras and PS VR2 Sense controllers. When you are on the verge of transgressing the rules and leaving the designated playing area, the headset will also send you warning messages. When the headset is connected, you can modify the settings and restrictions. This function is comparable to the Meta Quest 2’s Guardian system.

The PlayStation VR2 headset will also get the Cinematic Mode and VR Mode. When the cinematic mode is active, you may view the PS5 user interface and non-VR games on a simulated movie screen. The 19201080 HD resolution is supported in this mode at refresh rates of 60 or 120 Hz. Games are also shown in VR Mode at a resolution of 4,000 by 2,040. (2000 x 2040 per eye). This setting has a refresh rate of either 90Hz or 120Hz.

According to Sony’s specifications, the PlayStation VR2 headset is similar to the Meta Quest 2. Sony’s offering, however, can stand out from the competition because of its improved gaming experience.

Advertisement Additionally, according to Sony, PS VR2 game creators will soon get access to the most recent user interface. The business will shortly make other announcements on the platform’s launch date and upcoming titles.


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