During Prime Day, upgrade your storage for less with PNY.

PNY is discounting is selling a variety of its storage devices during Prime Day, including SSDs, memory cards, and USB flash drives. Despite the fact that flash drives make up the majority of this offer, there are a few goods that stand out above all others.

First off, PNY is cutting the cost of a Gen4 NVMe SSD designed for gaming. For all of your games and movies, the XLR8 CS3140 4TB NVMe SSD has an enormous amount of storage space. You wouldn’t believe it, but it works with the PS5, so you could just plug it in and probably never run out of room for games.

It was originally $899, but PNY is selling it for $573.74 on Prime Day. Even if it’s still a sizable sum of money, it’s worthwhile if you want the most available space. It’s also a good deal when compared to other 4TB Gen4 NVMe SSDs in terms of price.

Advertisement One thing to keep in mind is that, if utilizing it in the PS5, you’ll need to attach a heatsink to it. Additionally, it must not be a PNY model because that one will be too tall to fit into the PS5’s expansion slot.

In addition to the NVMe SSD, PNY also sells a non-gaming model. Additionally a Gen4 SSD, the PNY CS2140 2TB NVMe SSD is presently on sale for $169.99. Consider the 64GB Elite X Class 10 microSD cards from PNY, which are on sale for $17.56. They might work well for the Steam Deck.

The fact that this offer is for a three-pack of cards should also be noted. There are also a few ordinary SD cards for sale, as well as several different flash drive possibilities. In all honesty, having more storage never hurts.

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