During a blackout, these electric cars can power your home.

You will require an Charge Station Pro , which is included with Lightning vehicles that have an extended range battery, claims Ford. You’ll have to pay $1,310 if your Lightning doesn’t have that. You also need the Ford Home Integration System. According to Car and Driver, that has an MSRP of $3,895. Ford claims that when power is restored, the equipment will automatically go back to charging the Lightning.

To install the Home Integration System properly, you’ll need a licensed electrician. It’s wise to have a professional on hand whenever there is a lot of power present. To convert a Lightning into a backup battery, you’ll need to do some additional research and spend extra money on equipment costing over $5,000 and electrician services.

However, this appears to be a positive development. If more EV manufacturers follow suit, the technology might spread widely. Power outages won’t go away and most likely won’t get any better as climate change intensifies. Hopefully, EVs and renewable energy sources will lower the load on the power system and provide energy independence for the typical homeowner.

The Lightning’s ability to send power into your home is a cool convenience for now, and as this field develops, it might eventually result in more environmentally friendly energy sources.


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