Drag images to other apps in Google Keep

A helpful note-taking tool for Android users for some time now has been Google Keep. The service’s ability to integrate with other Android apps is among its strongest features. Users can reportedly drag and drop photographs from Google Keep directly into other apps, according to Amazon .

This function was unveiled this year at Google I/O. It’s a part of Google’s recent effort to improve Android for tablets. You can use the ability to drag and drop an image you’ve added to Google Keep into another app.

Without having to search for the image in the other program, this may be incredibly helpful for moving photographs from one app to another. When you’re in a hurry, things move along much more quickly. Additionally, if you’re using a tablet, it’s probable that you’ll be using split-screen mode for your apps. Why not allow users to switch between screens while using the app?

Advertisement IMAGE DRAGGING FROM GOOGLE KEEP You must have your device in split-screen mode in order to use this feature. Additionally, you must confirm that the other app may take images. A new email in Gmail is a nice example.

Simply tap and hold the image you wish to move in Google Keep and drag it across the border into the other app. The other app ought to provide some type of feedback that the image is being accepted. Gmail, for instance, will display a square instructing you to drag and drop a picture.

You can use this on phones even though it originated from Google’s desire to improve Android for tablets. Of sure, it will feel a little more crowded. However, you may still use your phone to drag and drop pictures from Google Keep.

Advertisement You should soon be able to view this new feature as it should already be rolling out. If you want to see if there has been an update, search for Google Keep in the Play Store and look for the green Update icon. If not, you should hold off for a few days.


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