Dozens of smartphone models had problems with Android Auto 7.8, and a fix is now being rolled out {U}

The latest update is causing an increasing number of Android Auto users worldwide to complain that their connection has broken, leaving a phone not compatible error.

Google reports that a fix is currently being implemented.
Android Auto 7.8.6 has recently been widely distributed to customers worldwide, and many seem to be experiencing significant problems as a result.

A trending thread on Googles support forums shows more than 100 reports from consumers whose Android Auto stopped functioning on their smartphone over the course of the previous four days. There are hundreds of different smartphone models from numerous manufacturers that appear to be impacted by the problem.

We discovered mentions of numerous different Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S9, S10, S20, S21, S22, Note 20, and Galaxy Z Flip 3, as well as gadgets from Xiaomi, Asus, and OnePlus, and even at least one claim of a Google Pixel handset, just by quickly skimming through the various comments.

Phone not compatible is the most frequent error message that users report getting while using the Android Auto app to pair their device. The precise make and model will determine what appears on the in-car display, although normally it will be some sort of problem message, with a few user submissions shown below.

The problem seems to be exclusive to the Android Auto 7.8.6 update and unrelated to other Android versions.

android auto error ford sync
android auto error connecting to android auto device
android auto error kia phone is not responding

The thread has received a response from a Google official who requests further details about customer complaints, such as the Android Auto version number, smartphone model, automobile make/model, and other pertinent information. But aside from saying that the material has been passed to the Android Auto team, Google has been mum on the subject for the previous three days.

Update 8/29: A member of Google’s support staff stated on the help forum post that a remedy for the issue with Android Auto refusing to connect has been rolled out for the previous few days. Users first began receiving the update on August 25; by this time, the majority of people ought to have it.

Google stated that the distribution would require up to a week, so the patch ought to be finished by September 1.

I appreciate you bringing this up. The team has looked into this problem, and a fix is now being implemented. Please let us know if you continue to experience this problem after a week since it can take a few days for the patch to spread to everyone. Thanks!

If you are experiencing problems, sideloading an earlier version of Android Auto might be able to help. You can also try signing up for the beta program. If you’re experiencing this issue, please leave a comment below and let us know if you’ve discovered a solution.

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