Disney is available for free on Verizon for six months.

You may always find extra benefits from mobile carriers to go along with your package. Verizon is no exception, and the corporation has something special in store for fans of Disney programming. Right now, Verizon will include Disney for free for six months if you purchase a prepaid unlimited plan.

You will always receive some form of extra benefits for choosing a plan, regardless of the carrier you choose to sign up with. Along with your plan, you receive a number of free months of services like Netflix, Google Play Pass, Apple Music, and others. For some potential purchasers, these benefits could make the difference between buying and not buying.

Disney is available for free on Verizon for six months. You might want to think about getting Verizon if you’re considering moving carriers. Although the service’s costs may not be the lowest when compared to T-Mobile, it has been able to garner recognition for its dependability.

Advertisement But do you really care about that? Just watch Ms. Marvel, that’s all. Verizon, however, has a benefit for you if you’re interested in watching Disney content on your 5G network. According to Variety , the carrier is now giving out a free half-year of Disney if you join up for one of its plans.

The business will include the Disney membership if you sign up for a new prepaid unlimited plan. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the business already provided it for post-paid plans. It is now accessible to users with prepaid plans.

Prepaid plans are those that don’t run your credit. Additionally, you won’t be repaying a yearly contract. With these plans, you must pay in full before receiving your phone.

Advertisement Just be aware that your Disney subscription will last until January 2023 if you purchase the package today. You will then be charged $7.99 each month. You should keep a watch on your bill and be aware of the upcoming charges on your card.


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