Disk Management Does Not Show an External Hard Drive

External hard drives: what are they? It is a form of storage that enables you to make a copy of your files in case they are lost or stolen for some other cause. However, if you see no media in disk management, you can become anxious, especially if you have important and sensitive data saved there. Naturally, using external hard disks is quite simple. Move your files from one computer to another by connecting it with a data cable, accessing it on a computer, and plugging it in. However, if a computer detects an external hard drive and displays problems like “removable disk no media,” what should you do?

Different external hard drives, including HDDs and SSDs, may experience connection problems with computers. It can happen as a result of broken hardware, bad drivers, and power outages. With easy repairs and an awareness of the causes of external hard disk failure, this article has you covered.

WHAT CAUSES DISK MANAGEMENT TO HAVE NO MEDIA? This section will discuss a few causes of no media in disk management when an external hard disk is plugged in. Despite the fact that there are numerous causes, we will only focus on the ones that consumers are most likely to encounter.

NO MEDIA IS ADDED. Check to see if your media reader’s external hard disk is properly inserted (i.e., the holder of your external hard drive). It resembles a casing and contains a hard disk. No media in disk management is unavoidable if the hard drive is not linked to the data cable-attached casing.

VIRUS/INFECTED FILES With problems like slow-running external hard drives, virus infections and corrupted files are extremely typical.

FILES WITH DAMAGED PBR/MBR Have you ever questioned the purpose of the computer’s choice to securely remove an external drive? Well, it’s to prevent harm to the MBR or PBR files. These files make that your external hard drive is recognized by the computer and that you can safely access media. These files may get damaged if you remove the external hard disk too rapidly and receive this error.

NOT ENOUGH POWER SUPPLY (TO THE USB PORT) When your CPU’s USB ports are overloaded, you may see the no media issue because some ports will receive less power to function, which results in 0 bytes in disk management.

BAD/LOOSE CONNECTION Your computer’s USB port might have been harmed by ineffective activities. You might try inserting it into another socket. The same problem could also be brought on by a bad connection between your external hard disk and computer as a result of a damaged data cable or another factor.

By understanding the cause of the no media in disk management error or even the external hard drive not showing up, you can locate the proper remedy and use it right away.

NO EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE IS AVAILABLE 4 POSITIVE RESPONSES For the external hard drive not showing up on your computer or showing no media in disk management, we have gathered a list of remedies. Please take note that our solutions primarily target Windows PCs:


Search for Device Manager in the Start menu to launch it. Your external hard drive can be found by expanding the Universal Serial Bus Controller. If your external hard drive has an arrow or a red mark, use the right-click menu to enable it (if this doesnt work, follow the next steps) Reconnect the hard disk, uninstall your drives’ software from the computer, and then let it reinstall itself. To see if the detachable disk no media error is fixed, restart your computer and reattach your external hard drive. CHKDSK REPAIR PROCESS / DRIVE LETTER CHANGE PROCESS What you can do is:

Right-click on your external hard disk in Device Manager. Choose Change Drive Letter and Paths, then choose a different letter. Confirm and allow the procedure to finish Following are the steps to launch the CHKDSK process: from the Start menu, launch Command Prompt (right click and run it as Administrator) Fill in the command: chkdsk To see whether the problem goes away, restart the computer. Examine the source of power. Check to verify if the power supply is overloading. In some cases, the USB port you’re using could not receive enough power to allow your computer to display media from your external hard drive.

NO MEDIA ON REMOVABLE DISK It is really unpleasant when your external hard drive’s disk management displays no media. However, you need to fix it if the hard disk has any important data on it, such the password to your online Bitcoin wallet.

Understanding the root cause of the detachable drive no media error might help you solve your issue. Knowing the root of the problem allows you to find an efficient solution. Here are several fast fixes for the “no media” problem with your external hard drive:

To identify and resolve the hard drive no media issue, perform an error check. In the event that the external hard disks are not visible, try plugging into a different port. To resolve the problem, run the CHKSK test. See if the problem is resolved by changing the letter of the detachable disks. Using disk management, delete the current partition and add a new one. Reinstall To resolve the no media problem, reinstall the hard drives driver. If a format option is available, look for it and utilize it to fix the problem. Update the media drives on your computers. Do you totally comprehend the most frequent causes of an external hard disk appearing but remaining inaccessible to its contents? There are many different ways to troubleshoot the problem, and this tutorial discusses some of the best ones. Try removing and reinstalling the program on your hard disk.

Try updating your computer’s drivers by heading directly to the Device Manager tab. To determine whether the external hard disk has experienced any hardware damage, you can also perform a fast physical inspection. Ask a specialist to assist you if you are still stuck on the problem.

If both of these methods don’t work, you might have a more serious problem that needs a data recovery specialist. Thankfully, Gillware Data Recovery has almost 20 years of expertise in recovering data from damaged external hard drives.


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