Denuvo wants to include Nintendo Switch games in its anti-piracy technology.

Renowned anti-piracy company Denuvo is prepared to upgrade its technology to stop Nintendo Switch games from being pirated.

The business released “Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection” on Wednesday in an effort to stop unauthorized PC copies of Switch games that may be played using emulators.

Even if a game has strong anti-piracy safeguards on its PC version, the Switch release version can be emulated from the start and played on PC, getting around the robust protections provided on the PC version, according to Denuvo in the statement. Any of the many games on Switch that can cause this are available.

Game makers may lose sales as a result of the piracy. Denuvo has created the Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection system as a response, and it expects that it will be embraced by the entire industry. The business claims that a Switch game may easily incorporate the anti-piracy technology.

The technology works flawlessly with the build toolchain and has no effect on the gaming experience, just like all other Denuvo solutions. The business claimed that this permits the insertion of checks into the code, which prevents play on emulators.

Consumers could shudder at the news, though. In the PC community, Denuvos anti-piracy and anti-cheat technology has a reputation for bloating games and degrading performance. Due to connectivity issues with Denuvo third-party servers, the company’s digital rights management system has also momentarily prohibited some PC games from operating.


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Twitter users who play video games have mocked Denuvos’ announcement. Oh cool, the software that cripples high-end PCs and does nothing to stop piracy is now being used on the laughably weak Nintendo Switch. What a brilliant idea, wrote (Opens in a new window) one user.

During Gamescom, the current video game industry trade exhibition taking place in Germany, Denuvo made the announcement. Irdeto, the parent company of Denuvos, is most likely promoting the anti-piracy technology to Switch game creators there. We’ll have to wait and see if any of them use it.

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