Deals of the day on Android apps: Zenge, Reminder Pro, X Launcher Pro, and more

THIS DISCOUNT HAS ENDED. For the newest offers and more, make sure to follow AA1 on Twitter. Sign-up for our newsletters to receive daily email updates of our top deals. It is now time to compile all of Google Play’s top Android app offers from today. Visit our Google hub for deals on its newest latest Nest cameras , smart home Hub displays , and Nest Thermostat before you look at those, though. Our price reductions for apps are highlighted by products like Zenge, Reminder Pro, DISTRAINT 2, the Sequence 2, X Launcher Pro, and others. For a detailed look at today’s top Android app bargains, proceed over the break.

BEST ANDROID APP DEALS OF THE DAY: Pro $1 Reminder DISTRAINT 2 the Sequence X Launcher Pro, $1 $1 , and follow us 0 Numerous significant price reductions on follow us 1 are the highlight of today’s Android hardware offerings. We have offers on the follow us 3 and the follow us 4 as well as new 2022 lows on the follow us 2. Just make sure to look into discounts for the AA15 and AA16 as well. Then explore our add-on offerings, such as these each priced at follow us 7, Ankers at follow us 8, and everything at follow us 9.

BEST GAME DEALS OF THE DAY: NHL 22 is $10, METROID DREAD is $50.50, BRAVELY DEFAULT II is $41, and MORE STILL AVAILABLE ANDROID APP DEALS: Sign-up for our newsletters 0 Sign-up for our newsletters 1 Sign-up for our newsletters 2 MORE ABOUT ZENGE: Zenge is an odd puzzle game that tells the tale of Eon, a lone journeyman trapped in space and time. There are no points, stars, tutorials, move counters, in-game shops, or other distractions because the game is meant to be peaceful. Pure, all-encompassing trip with Eon, beautifully depicted through music and art.

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