Deals of the day on Android apps include Game Dev Story, Peace, Death! 2, Deep Space, and others.


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The finest Android app discounts for Monday are arrived, courtesy of Google Play. While you’re here, make sure to look at the discounts we have on Google Pixel Buds Pro, Buds A-Series, official Pixel 6/Pro cases, and Skagens Gen 6 Wear OS Smartwatch. Games like Game Dev Story, Peace, Death! 2, Deep Space: First Contact, Hydro Coach PRO, and more are featured in our app collection discounts. For all of today’s top Android app bargains, look below.

The initial price decrease on the Google Pixel Buds Pro and a strong offer on the Pixel Buds A-Series at $69 are the highlights of today’s best Android hardware bargains, which are now live. These reductions are added to sales on Googles official Pixel 6/Pro cases and the second-best price on Skagens Gen 6 Wear OS Smartwatch. Be sure to check out these discounts on the Ankers follow us0, the Samsungs Wireless Charger Trio, and everything in the follow us1.



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