Deals: Moto G Powerhits $160, $500 off Sony’s 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G, and more

A $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G appears in the headline of all of today’s greatest offers. Along with the more cheap Moto G Power Android smartphone at $160 and Amazfit’s most recent GTR and GTS 3 Smartwatches , that. Check out the most recent 9to5Toys Lunch Break after the break for all of that and more.

$500 OFF SONYS 4K OLED XPERIA PRO 5G The new unlocked Sony Xperia PRO 128GB Android Smartphone for $1,998 is currently available from several shops. This is only the second discount to date, at $500 off the standard price of $2,498. You’re also looking at a match of the record low and the first reduction since February.

As Sony’s most recent Android flagship device, the Xperia PRO boasts a number of cutting-edge features that set it apart from virtually every other device on the market. It has a 6.5-inch 21:9 CinemaWide 4K OLED display and a Snapdragon 865 SoC, to start. Speaking of its imaging chips, the Xperia PRO has built-in HDMI connectivity so you can link it to a Sony camera and use it as a monitor, stream video, and more. Around the back is a three-sensor 12MP camera array.

DROPS TO $160 FOR THE NEW MOTO G POWER ANDROID SMARTPHONE The new Moto G Power (2022) 64GB Unlocked in the Dark Grove colorway for $160 is available on Amazon. This smartphone was previously advertised for $200, but with the 20% discount, it is now available for an all-time low price, saving you $40. At Best Buy, the same phone is presently available for $190. A basic smartphone, the Moto G Power has no frills. Even though it might not be the fastest at it, its octa-core processor gives it enough ability to handle just about anything.

the Moto G Power ‘s 6.5-inch Motorola screen has a 90Hz refresh rate for a fluid viewing experience. You can also take it out and about without worrying that it will get wet thanks to the water-repellent build. According to claims, the 5,000 mAh battery can go up to three days without needing to be recharged. Of course, how frequently you use your phone will determine this. Quad Pixel Technology aids the camera’s low-light performance, and Dual Capture, which enables simultaneous use of the front- and rear-facing cameras, is available.

NEW GTR AND GTS 3 SMARTWATCHES FROM AMAZFITS, STARTING AT $140 The Amazfit GTR 3 Smartwatch for $140 is now available on Amazon. You’ll save $40 in addition to getting the second-best price we’ve seen so far, which is $10 cheaper than the item’s regular price of $180. The new GTR 3 , one of Amazfit’s most recent smartwatches, debuted in October and features a circular 1.39-inch AMOLED display form factor with a 21-day battery life. On top of the capability to track blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and other fitness-related metrics, you’ll also find 150 different sport modes on the device. Everything else you’ll need to know is covered in our $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 0.

The $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 1 is presently down to $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 2 on Amazon, making it a more inexpensive option while still being one of the brand’s most recent products. Even though we’ve seen this one go for cheaper before, today’s $30 drop represents one of the biggest price reductions to date. This one forgoes the more svelte circular design in favor of the $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 3, which has a 1.75-inch AMOLED display that is always on. It also has a suite of sensors, including the BioTracker PPG 3 biometric monitor for tracking blood-oxygen saturation along with heart rate, sleep, stress, and all of the usual fitness stats.

GOVEES UNIQUE SMART NEON LED LIGHT STRIPS STARTING AT $64 When using the on-page coupon, Govee’s official Amazon outlet is currently reducing its $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 4, which is headed by the $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 5. This is the first sale price reduction on the extended length variant, which usually sells for $120. Additionally, the $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 6, which replaces $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 7, offers savings.

The new $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 8 stands up to its name by mimicking a conventional neon light, making it stand out from any other accessory in Govee’s arsenal or really the entire smart home industry. You may create a unique arrangement on your wall thanks to the adaptable design, and Alexa and Google Assistant will pair with it for voice control in addition to the companion app.

FITBIT Inspire 2 Tracker Hits New Low of $70 in 2022 The $500 discount on Sonys 4K OLED Xperia PRO 5G 9 is presently discounted on Amazon in honor of Mother’s Day. Normally priced at $100, the 30% discount is a new low price for 2022. You can use this Fitbit to track your workouts, check your heart rate, and more with a battery life of up to 10 days.

To make sure you stay active, set exercise objectives for movement and calories burned. The Moto G Power Android smartphone at $160 0 is waterproof, so you can use it to track how many calories you burn when swimming. While the strap can be changed to better suit your taste, the slender and elegant design fits very well with other bracelets and similar accessories. Along with the Inspire 2, you receive a free year of Fitbit Premium. With this service, you can get individualized advice, exercises, and step-by-step plans to help you improve your diet, sleep, etc.

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