Deals: Galaxy S22 at ultralow prices, $100 off the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, and more

The headline for all of today’s top offers is Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off . That is in addition to continuing Galaxy S22 /Ultra markdowns and Samsungs PRO Plus 256GB microSD card for $35 . Check out the most recent 9to5Toys Lunch Break after the break for all of that and more.

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB S8/ DELIVERS AT NEW AMAZON LOWS WITH UP TO $100 OFF The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 128GB Android Tablet for $830 is presently available on Amazon in three styles. Youre looking at a new all-time low after the $70 markdown today, which brings the price down from the customary $900 asking price. Additionally, this is one of the earliest cash markdowns to date. The new premium tablet experience from Samsung, the new Galaxy Tab S8 , features a 12.4-inch AMOLED screen as its focal point. With at least 128GB of storage and 1TB microSD card support, the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip powers everything. Add in S Pen support, Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, and all-day battery life to round out the package. Discover more about what to anticipate in our first impressions feature.

People who can live with a smaller screen stand to save money on the entry-level Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 as well. This 256GB model currently has an all-time low price of sitting at $680 after receiving a $100 discount from its regular $780 pricing. The 128GB capacity for $630 is also available; it was formerly $700. Even with an 11-inch LCD screen, the performance of the Gen 1 SoC, Wi-Fi 6E capability, and the majority of the other features will remain largely the same. Our in-depth study demonstrates how it stacks up against the Tab S8 as well.

256GB PRO PLUS MICROSD CARD FROM SAMSUNG HITS $35 The Samsung PRO Plus 256GB microSDXC Card for $35 is presently available on Amazon. This item had initially been priced at $55, but it has since been trending around $45 with today’s deal matching the record low for the first time.

With transfer speeds of up to 160MB/s, Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 0 offers 4K recording from drones, DSLRs, action cameras, and more. Additionally resistant to accidental slashes, its waterproof design completes the set with additional drop protection and more. Additionally, an SD card adaptor is included. Our most recent Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 1 describes what to anticipate from the encounter.

SAMSUNG’S NEW GALAXY S22 /ULTRA IS $200 OFF. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 2 is now being discounted on Amazon to start the week. The flagship Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 3 is in the lead. Normally, you’d pay $1,200, but with today’s bargain, you can get it for $200 less, a new low. This is only the third overall discount and is $100 less than our earlier mention.

The Samsung Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 4, the company’s new flagship phone, has the same squared-off look as last year’s model but has been updated. The S Pen slot, a 6.8-inch SuperAMOLED display, and the recently released Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU are all new this time around. Along with 256GB of storage, 12GB of RAM, and an upgraded 5,000mAh battery supported by 45W charging, this device also features. You may save on the other Galaxy S22 series phones Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 5 and read our launch day hands-on review for more information on what to anticipate.

EUFY SMART SOLAR CAMERAS, FLOODLIGHTS, AND MORE AT DISCOUNT Ankers’ official Amazon site is now offering discounts on a number of its Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 6 products, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 7. You’re looking at one of the first significant price reductions overall and the second-best to date at $30 down, when it normally sells for $200.

Eufys SoloCam S40 has the unusual characteristic of having a built-in solar panel, so it may be used for surveillance overnight or on overcast days without the need for a power outlet. Along with a 2K sensor to capture events on your property, motion alerts can turn on a 600-lumen lighting that is already there for further security. In Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 8, we discovered that its solar-powered architecture provided limitless intelligent surveillance.

THE LATEST DIMMABLE SMART BULB HITS FROM PHILIPS HUES $10 The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/ at $100 off 9 is now available on Amazon. This item usually sells for $15, which is 33% less than the previous record low established in January. Galaxy S22 /Ultra markdowns 0 offers the ideal way to take use of the Philips Hue ecosystem’s advantages. It can be used independently or in conjunction with other smart home accessories from the same manufacturer.

Due to its Bluetooth compatibility, you can pair it immediately with your phone to change the brightness or status as well as to voice-control Echo and Nest speakers and displays. Then there is the Zigbee support, which adds HomeKit to the mix in addition to support for sophisticated scheduling and automation.

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