Deals: $720 all-time low for the OnePlus 10 Pro, back-to-school Android Gold Box, and more

With a big back-to-school Android Gold Box that offers new all-time low prices on the newest products from Google, Samsung, and Motorola, all of today’s best deals get underway. Additionally, OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 has reached new all-time lows, while Sonys popular XM4 ANC earbuds at $228 is currently selling for its second-lowest price ever.

A WIDE-RANGING BACK-TO-SCHOOL ANDROID GOLD BOX IS LAUNCHED BY AMAZON Today may be the greatest time to update your hardware if you are a part of the Android/Chromebook ecosystem and/or are purchasing for school. Amazon is rated having a huge sale on all things Android . Check out the best Android discounts we could locate below, including the newest models from Samsung, Google, and other manufacturers.

The Pixel is first, with the Pixel 6a being reduced to $370 in three colors . . The greatest mid-priced Android phone we can recommend for that price is currently $80 off list ( review ). Amazon is also cutting Fi bundles and accessories, including cases and wireless chargers and taking substantial discounts up to $250 off Pixel 6 and 6 Pros .

If a Motorola phone is what you’re looking for, the price ranges from just Moto Gs make great first phones for kids to back-to-school Android Gold Box 0. These three-day battery-operated phones with enormous screens and unexpectedly potent spec sheets now have a $40 discount. Starting at back-to-school Android Gold Box 1 is the Moto G/Stylus 128GB. Significant reductions are also offered on Moto Edge and One Zoom, with the back-to-school Android Gold Box 2 standing out.

A NEW ALL-TIME LOW FOR ONEPLUS 10 PRO FROM $720 Amazon is currently offering the back-to-school Android Gold Box 4 at record-low discounts as part of the back-to-school Android Gold Box 3. The back-to-school Android Gold Box 5 is in the lead with a drop-down back-to-school Android Gold Box 6 through the beginning of the following month. The usual asking price is $899, thus this represents a total discount of $179, matching the previous all-time low established in May, and is $60 less than our prior mentions. The back-to-school Android Gold Box 7 has been reduced from its typical $970 cost, setting a new record low.

The back-to-school Android Gold Box 8, which is built around the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, compares favorably to the OnePlus 10 Pro. That drives the 6.7-inch QHD 120Hz display and the 48MP triple-sensor camera array, which is supported by Hasselblad’s expertise in photography. Face unlock complements a faster fingerprint scanner, and this flagship’s 65W fast charging supports back-to-school Android Gold Box 9. Explore our detailed hands-on review to learn more about what to anticipate. See more from the OnePlus back-to-school sale highlights below.

Sony’s well-known XM4 headphones deliver ANC for $228. The OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 0 is presently available on Amazon in two styles. Normally selling for $278, today’s deal is a return to the second-best price of the year at a save of $50. It has only ever sold for less once, and it was during Prime Day.

Sony’s newest active noise-cancelling earphones, the OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 1, come in a 40% smaller package than their predecessors while still being IPX4 water resistant. Along with a redesigned Integrated Processor V1 for better active noise cancellation, the package also includes a companion Qi charging case that provides up to 24 hours of listening. The complete list of features is also available in OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 2.

MICROSD CARDS FOR LEXAR PLAY ARE AVAILABLE FOR $12. New all-time low prices and bargains are being offered on microSD cards. The OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 4 is now available on Amazon. It usually sells for up to $250 at OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 5, where it is on sale for $136, while it often sells for between $140 and $140 at Amazon, where it is currently at an all-time low.

It offers a noteworthy 150MB/s coupled with a V30 video speed rating and A2 app loading, and is compatible with Nintendo Switch as well as a variety of other cameras, drones, and gadgets. It comes with a strong extended 5-year warranty for peace of mind and is a good choice for keeping your Switch collection on a particularly portable device.

GLIDE HEXA PRO SMART LIGHTING PANELS FROM GOVEES NOW ONLY $185 Govee is now selling its OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 6. Today’s bargain reduces the normally $250 asking price to a new low of $65 off. This is the first time it has fallen below $200 and is still one of the first price reductions ever. These new Glide Hexa Pro panels, like previous Govee lights that we’ve tested in the past, include modular form-factors for mounting on your wall in a variety of ways. Since they are all shaped like 3D cubes, you can create some striking smart lighting displays that work with Alexa, Assistant, and the companion smartphone app. Discover more about what to anticipate in OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 7.

TRADE-IN DEALS OFFER Every month, 9to5Google monitors all of the top trade-in offers on Android smartphones and other devices. If you’re ready to upgrade your smartphone, be sure to OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 8. If you want to recycle, exchange, or sell your old gadgets for cash while also supporting 9to5Google along the way, just OnePlus 10 Pro from $720 9.

Sonys popular XM4 ANC earbuds at $228 0
Sonys popular XM4 ANC earbuds at $228 1
Sonys popular XM4 ANC earbuds at $228 2
Sonys popular XM4 ANC earbuds at $228 3

FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. Sonys popular XM4 ANC earbuds at $228 4

Sonys popular XM4 ANC earbuds at $228 5


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