Data personalisation settings have been added by At a Glance and Android System Intelligence.

The most recent version of Android System Intelligence gives you control over the data utilized for At a Glance and other smart features in addition to disclosing progress on support for Ring doorbell notifications.

For At a Glance, Live Caption, contextual notification actions, smart answers, and other ML-powered features on Android, notably Pixel devices, look to Android System Intelligence (formerly Device Personalization Services).

On a Pixel 6 Pro running Android 13 after updating to version T.5, the Personalization section of the At a Glance settings page contains a new shortcut for Control utilizing data from apps. This will direct you to a button to enable/disable personalization using app data, which is already present in Android 12. Allowing apps to communicate content to the Android system is possible.

Publish stuff to At a Glance from apps. Applied to the weather, travel, forthcoming events, etc.
According to our tests today, turning off that choice does not stop At a Glance features, including weather, from working.

At a Glance data setting
At a Glance data setting

12 versus 13 Android

Meanwhile, the Customize the experience using your Google Account data toggle is now available in the Settings app’s Privacy andgt; Android System Intelligence section. Considering account data as opposed to app data

Based on your name, address, and search history, this can entail making suggestions, offering advice, or improving the entire experience.
Android 13 does not yet have a widespread rollout of Android System Intelligence T.5.

At a Glance data setting

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