Cyberpunk 2077: How To Make Millions Of Eddies In Seconds – Updated February 2022

Although we’ve already published a few tutorials on how to generate quick money in Cyberpunk 2077, this new technique may be the most effective one yet. Money’s slang name in the game.

Additionally, this enables any Cyberpunk 2077 player to create millions of eddies in a matter of minutes, just as the title claims. There has been some building to this, though. You cannot simply begin playing the game and expect to start earning that much money right now.

You have to earn it, just like in the real world. In contrast to the real world, this requires far less work and much less time. However, it can be done most often early on and doesn’t have to be that late in the game. However, you should usually wait till you obtain a few items that you might want more of. Consider components for epic and legendary crafting and upgrading. Because possessing lots of those will be incredibly helpful as you advance in the game.

Advertisement But first things first, you need to get the tools that will enable you to quickly produce all of this money. Despite all of that, this approach of earning money is remarkably game-changing. You could always do this on a second playthrough if you wish to aim for a different ending if you don’t want to make this much money so quickly on your initial playthrough. It’s almost like a new game where you have enough cash to completely fund Night City.

You can purchase a valuable painting for Eddies in Cyberpunk 2077, and you really need it.

Finding a specific painting in the game called Untitled 18 – Brancesi, 2021 that you can sell will be your first task. This is a quest-related item reward. And it’s essential to making the entire system effective.

In Santo Domingo, next to the PieZ quick travel point, is where you may find this task. You’ll be looking for a quest marker on the map once you get at that spot. In one of the photographs up there with V’s green marker next to a white marker that is being tracked, you can see just where. You can drive or run to it from the PieZ travel point because it is quite near by.

Advertisement You must approach a group of three men who are seated next to a table outside a building at the quest marker to begin the task. On the table behind them will be a briefcase. You’ll soon be able to choose between a few possible responses in the dialogue that begins the quest by simply listening to them speak.

In essence, you’ll ask for the briefcase. then complete the quest that follows this one so you can receive the painting. Success! You now possess what is most likely the coolest thing in Cyberpunk 2077, which you may sell for absurdly high eddies.

UPDATE: The duplicate error in this guide has been fixed, and you can’t buy the artwork again for $5 anymore. As a result, you can no longer earn money with this strategy.


You can use any vendor’s drop box. So simply open the map, select the one you wish to utilize, and then quickly move to or close to the drop box. Make sure to generate an additional save game state before moving on. In this manner, you may just load back to the save and try again if something goes wrong or you don’t perform something right.

You’re going to sell the artwork when you get there. Selling the one will net you $4,000 in profit. Do not worry, though; you will get it back and can sell more. But there is a trick to it, and it kind of breaks the game.

Advertisement Since you’ll be duplicating the artwork so you have more to sell and buying it back for $5. Probably, you can see where this is going.

But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. Open the vendor box first, then offer the painting for sale. This is where you should sell any additional items that you might wish to replicate before leaving the sale screen.

This is where you would sell some epic and legendary crafting and upgrade materials, as specified. You’re going to sell one of each of those parts before selling the whole picture. Exit the vendor box screen once you’ve sold them all.

Advertisement SET OFF THE GLITCH

Next, you need to bug the vendor to make this strategy effective. After leaving the vendor box screen, you must hit a few buttons simultaneously in order to accomplish this.

To interact with the vendor box and sell stuff, you must first press the button that opens your menu, where you may find save games, load games, and other options.

The escape key serves as your menu-opening button if you’re playing the game on a PC. Simply simultaneously hit the escape key and the button you use to sell stuff to the vendor drop box.

Advertisement Players on PlayStation must hit the controller’s triangle button and the options key. Players must simultaneously hit the Xbox button with the two windows on it as well as any other buttons that allow them to sell stuff to the vendor drop box.

When you do this, you’re hoping a particular screen would appear. The background should be somewhat translucent so that you can see the vendor drop box itself behind the vendor menu with products you can sell or buy. It should be the vendor menu with items you can sell or buy. It ought to resemble the pictures up top.

BUY BACK EVERYTHING YOU OWN The next step involves recreating the goods you just sold a moment ago. When you open the vendor drop box, everything you just sold will be available for purchase if you go to the correct screen.

Advertisement The cost of the crafting supplies will vary, while the painting will sell for $5. They won’t display any exchange of money for the products you purchase when you click or press on them. However, if you click them, the stuff should be added to your inventory, which you can access once you leave the seller.

Where you can really succeed is in this area. How long you’re willing to sit here and click “purchase” on that painting and any other elements you threw in there will determine how much money you make. I was able to duplicate the painting to roughly 2,300 paintings in about 10 minutes by repurchasing it. which, if I sell them all, would be close to $8 million or more in total.

The crafting and upgrade components will now cost more when you repurchase them than when you first purchased them. But since you’re purchasing them to copy them, it won’t matter. not for sale. Additionally, spending the money on them makes the process of selling the paintings faster.

Each component you return for payment during the duplicating process results in an additional $20,000 being paid to the vendor on top of the first $20,000. Therefore, the vendor will have more money the first time you sell paintings back if you buy back more components.

After that, you must advance time by 24 hours to replenish the vendor drop box money. The selling procedure is then repeated until you want to stop.

When you have enough newly replicated copies of everything you sold off, in your opinion, return to the dealer.
Sell the paintings to recoup the expenses you incurred.

As soon as you leave the vendor, items will begin to appear in your inventory, just like when you pick them up. Money should also start to run out. You can sell the paintings and get everything back tenfold, so don’t worry if you spent pretty much everything you had.

You should now be able to see in your inventory that you have a lot more paintings, each of which is worth $4,000 eddies. You may have noticed that any crafting and upgrading components you choose to replicate have also risen.

Remember that you can use this method whenever you want to earn more money or get more components. If you choose to spend more time sitting and clicking buy during the step where you are duplicating products, you will likely have enough money and resources for the remainder of the game.

So, here is what I advise. If you only want to complete this process once, sit down and repeat the items for about 30-45 minutes. Yes, it is tiresome. However, in the long term, it pays off. Watch an episode of something as you shop and duplicate items by simply opening it in a separate window or on a second screen. You are then ready.

All there is to it is that. You should now have enough eddies to last you the rest of the time you play Cyberpunk 2077 .


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