Customers of the OnePlus 10 Pro in Europe can test out Android 13 when Oxygen OS 13 Beta 2 becomes available.

There is now a second build of Oxygen OS 13 Beta 2, which is accessible in Europe. OnePlus officially released its first Android 13 beta to the OnePlus 10 Pro last week.

Users of the OnePlus 10 Pro who like to test it out can now download Oxygen OS 13 Open Beta 2 from OnePlus. Only a week has passed since the initial release, and the build includes a few small enhancements. In comparison to Beta 1, this new release, according to OnePlus, includes more useful features.

The significant change this time around is that OnePlus 10 Pro owners in Europe can now download the Android 13 beta on their devices. The complete changelog can be found below. Beta 1 of Oxygen OS 13 was only accessible in the latter two regions; beta 2 is now accessible in North America, India, and Europe.

Similar to Beta 1, this release has a list of known issues, including certain camera issues and MMS issues for various European carriers. Furthermore, it should be noted that this build is incompatible with the OnePlus 10 Pro on T-Mobile. A.15 or A.16 of Oxygen OS 12 or the first Android 13 beta must also be upgraded.

Everything new is described by OnePlus as follows:
CHANGELOG Please take note that some of these changelogs are only appropriate for certain locations.
Underwater Design

Colors from the Aquamorphic Design theme are added for more comfortable viewing. Apply the principles of Aquamorphic Design to animations to make them realistic and lively. adds a globe clock widget to the home screen to display the time in various time zones. the addition of a new behavior detection capability to Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, which can understand complicated gestures and offer improved interactions. Animations are made to appear more natural and intuitive by adding bodily movements found in real life. enhances typefaces for easier reading. By adding inclusive and multicultural themes, graphics for features are enhanced and made better. {Efficiency}

Enhances the meeting connection by adding Meeting Assistant and introducing a setting to make alerts more discrete and less disruptive. expands the Home screen’s folders. Now, you may swipe through the folder’s pages to open apps in smaller folders and press to open apps in larger folders. controls media playback and enhances the Quick Settings interface. adds additional markup tools for modifying screenshots. Improves shelf. On the Home screen, the Shelf will automatically appear when you swipe down. On your smartphone and online, you can do content searches. Continuous connectivity

earphone connectivity is improved to provide a more seamless experience. {Personalization}

increases the number of Always-On Display animations available with Bitmoji. Enhances Insight Always-On Display and offers more individualized Always-On Display options. Enhances the Canvas Always-On Display, adding new drawing tools and line colors. Privacy and security

enables automatic pixelation for conversation screenshots. To safeguard your privacy, the system can recognize and automatically pixelate display names and profile photos in chat screenshots. adds routine clipboard data cleaning for privacy protection. enhances the Private Safe. All files are encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to increase the security of private files. “Digital well-being and physical health”

Adds Kid Space, which offers features like eye-protective display settings, ambient light warnings, and screen time limits. Performance improvement

Improves system speed, stability, battery life, and app experience by adding Dynamic Computing Engine. enhances the spatial sound field perception and more precise sound sourcing of Dolby Sound effects. Gaming encounter

The frame rate will be stabilized, and improvements to HyperBoost GPA 4.0 will balance performance and power consumption in important situations. {System}

enhances some circumstances’ system stability. a problem where icons in Quick Settings occasionally overlapped has been fixed. eliminates a problem where, occasionally, a panel may be drawn down automatically from the status bar. resolves a problem that could make auto brightness respond slowly. Fixes a sporadic flickering problem that could happen when your device’s screen is turned on or off. The Quick Settings background’s potential transparency is fixed. removes a bug that could prevent you from double-tapping your screen to wake it up while in Guest mode. resolves a problem where your screen could take a while to wake up after pressing the Power button. resolves a problem where the Other category could consume a significant amount of the device’s storage. {Camera}

eliminates a latency problem with the camera. LESS ON ONEPLUS FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.
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