Computer game playing decreasing system requirements and adding more games when it enters open beta

Google is lowering the system requirements for Windows and adding more Android games to its Play Games for PC open beta.

You can play all of your favorite Android games on a Windows 10 or 11 PC thanks to Google Play Games for PC, which was first introduced last year. The beta program was initially restricted to a small number of locations, and only people with reasonably powerful gaming PCs were eligible to apply.

Today, Google is removing some of those limitations, making it simpler to play Android games on your PC. First off, Play Games for PC no longer has a waiting for beta access, so anyone in the supported countries of Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand can sign up and play immediately .

We were able to confirm at least 12 supported titles when the beta program launched in January because to the readily available promotional art. Since then, Google claims to have expanded Play Games for PC to support more than 50 different Android games, allowing you to sync your game progress across all of your preferred platforms.

The screenshots included in today’s announcement are noteworthy in that they demonstrate how Google has updated the app’s look since we last saw it. The Play Games app now appears to use a navigation rail on the left side, which is a standard feature of newer Material Design apps for desktops and tablets, in place of the top bar that was previously used for navigation.

Additionally, the minimum system requirements for the Google Play Games for PC beta are being lowered, making it possible for more mid-range Windows systems to run Android games. Integrated GPUs are now fully supported in places where you previously had to have a gaming-ready GPU from Nvidia or AMD. The updated minimum system requirements listed below should let in a lot more players.

GAMEPLAY ON A PC NORMAL SPECS Windows 10 OS (v2004) Storage: 10 GB of solid state drive (SSD) space is available. 8 gigabytes of RAM Intel UHD Graphics 630 or a similar graphics card 4 physical cores on the processor Other: Hardware virtualization enabled Windows admin account FTC: We employ automatically earning affiliate connections. More.

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