Comparison of the 40mm Pixel Watch’s size, thickness, bezel, and Apple Watch is revealed in a leaked AMA.

Following actual photographs yesterday, the owner of a Pixel Watch is doing an Reddit AMA (ask me anything) of sorts regarding the Google wearable leak and providing further hands-on information, such as the size.

Now that there has been extensive physical hardware leakage, attention is turning to the UI experience and how Google’s version of Wear OS 3 will seem. The G boot screen is the only example of software we have from the leak. The Pixel Watch is now completely dead, and that picture was shot a few weeks ago.

In an attempt to revive it, Reddit user tagtech414 used two qi chargers, Power Share from a Samsung Fold 3, and an as well as from a Pixel 6, however the charger only briefly recognized it before stopping. Google may have just restricted charging on this prototype to particular internal power sources because it would be weird for the Pixel Watch to not support the Battery Share feature seen on Pixel phones.

The Pixel Watch is contrasted with a 40mm Apple Watch and a 46mm Galaxy Watch in the cover image above (Classic).

Digital calipers measurements reveal that the Pixel Watch is a remarkable 14mm thick and 40mm broad. The total weight of the device is 36g, and the visible screen without the bezel is reportedly 30mm.

Pixel Watch leak size

For instance, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a depth of 10.7mm, whilst the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4 is 40.4 x 39.3 x 9.8mm minus the health sensor.

You can see (Latin) lettering around the border on the back, which appears to be placeholder text from the prototype stage.

The Pixel Watch is reported to have a very quality feel, and the u/tagtech414 claims that the bulbous rear is quite contoured so that there is minimal touch with the wrist. The bottle cap-shaped crown and the button above it were also compared to the Apple Watch, and they claimed that they feel the same.

The crown snaps into place using one very sizable flat button that is located above it. An excellent low travel, tight click. extremely comparable to the Apple Watch

Where the strap attaches, there is a button that appears to catch and lock the band in place.

Yup! The bands should catch and lock in as they push in because it appears that each button has a small lip beneath it. When I acquire the bands, I’ll test.

Another new image shows the speaker grill on the left side with a microphone hole above it (or altimeter). Another leaked image offers some insight into the display’s edges and the thickness of the Pixel Watch bezels. It doesn’t seem like a very big change.

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