Comparing popular earbuds and the Ulefone Armor 15 uBuds

One of the brand’s newest smartphones, the Ulefone Armor 15, includes integrated truly wireless earbuds. In light of this, Ulefone just released a new video in which it contrasts its Ulefone Armor 15 uBuds with other well-known truly wireless earbuds.

A LOT OF OTHER, FAMOUS EARBUDS ARE Compared to the ULEFONE ARMOR 15 Earbuds. You can see a comparison between the Ulefone uBuds and the Apple AirPods 2, 3, and Pro in the video that is posted below. Along with the Sony WF-100XM4 and Redmi Buds 4 Pro, the Xiaomi Buds 3 is also there.

Here, there are primarily two comparisons, both of which are somewhat design-related. Ulefone contrasts their sizes and weights; there is no auditory contrast or anything similar.

Advertisement The first comparison relates to weight. The Ulefone uBuds each weigh 3.2 grams. Other weights include the Redmi Buds 4 Pro, Xiaomi Buds 3, Apple AirPods 2 (4.0 grams), Apple AirPods 3 (4.4 grams), and Apple AirPods Pro (5.5 grams) (5.4 grams). The Ulefone uBuds are therefore the lightest in the group.

A size comparison serves as the second comparison. You’ll first witness how the in-ear earbuds seem, and then Ulefone made the decision to measure them all as they were being recorded. The Ulefone uBuds have a 20.00mm diameter.

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Advertisement The following earbuds were also measured: Sony WF-100XM4 (26.73mm), Xiaomi Buds 3, Apple AirPods 2 (41.31), AirPods 3 (30.14mm), Xiaomi Buds 3, and Redmi Buds 4 Pro (25.92mm).

THE ULEFONE UBUDS CAN BE USED FOR LISTENING FOR UP TO 5 HOURS PER EARBUD. According to Ulefone, these earbuds now provide up to 5 hours of listening time on a single charge, per earbud. Given the size of the battery inside the Ulefone Armor 15, you’ll essentially never run out of batteries.

With Bluetooth 5.0, the Ulefone uBuds may be connected to virtually any contemporary device that accepts Bluetooth earphones.
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